Harpal Sembi

During this 4-year programme at Aston University, I was not only exposed to the technical detail of engineering but was allowed to experience the creative side of design and heightening my passion for the discipline (which is a must in this industry)!

After graduating in 2010, I was very fortunate to be head-hunted into the position I currently hold at HTI. I feel that one of the main reasons was the placement year I did with them (through Aston University) and it is very clear that HTI took me on because we were taught 'good' principles of design. This is really what makes Aston University’s course standout from the very many design courses out there… the opportunity to experience and utilise your universal design skillset and making a unique impact in any organisation, whilst still completing your degree!

I have many great memories from my time at Aston, my very first group project in first year. In fact… every design project at Aston! Representing my year group in the staff-student committee, weekly design projects and presentations from the guest lecturer Hans Petersen, placement year at HTI, Aston Inspired Design Show, being offered 2 jobs during the same week and then making a decision of which to choose!, being nominated for the Best Designer, Best overall student and Student Choice awards, exhibiting at New Designers as Astons Top 10 designers, completing my dissertation and Graduating!

But… being part of the very-first ASTON INSPIRED (annual design show) committee was definitely one of the best experiences I endured, during my time at Aston.

The opportunity to challenge the status-quo of the establishment, create a memorable brand and work with some very interesting people, skillsets and personalities... priceless!

After graduating from Aston I was offered a Design and Marketing manger role at Heads, Teachers and Industry Limited (HTI), a charitable organisation based in Coventry.

This national charity is dedicated to giving back to schools, students and their communities through various projects and activities. We challenge, stretch and develop leaders of schools, colleges and academies who go on to inspire our next generation.

My Key responsibilities as HTI’s Design and Marketing Manager are to:

  • create and implement a quality coherent style for all HTI branding, reflecting the company’s aims,
  • values and organisational culture;
  • lead the creative design and manage the production of all corporate publications and marketing materials;
  • manage the marketing at HTI via appropriate media, the website, social media, publications and events;
  • report to CEO presenting progress of all strategies and hold responsibility for design costs and annual budget.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research