Grace Davies

Pinewood BigPic
BSc Computing Science

Transition from University into a real working environment can be a very scary thing however the best thing about Pinewood is that they make this so easy. I was instantly welcomed into the support team were I was to spend the first 6 months of my placement before moving up to Development. Once there I was given a number of challenging tasks and my own project to manage and produce by myself. I was also given the opportunity to expand my knowledge through learning SQL to a professional level and completing a Microsoft Certified exam. The office environment and the support given to me through review meetings and the buddy scheme has helped zapp me into working harder to achieve my targets to my best ability - which is a great skill to bring back to University for my final year! I will be forever grateful to the team members at Pinewood for offering me the support and guidance to become more experienced and knowledgeable in the sector of the computing industry I wish to work in. 

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research