Faisal Rajput

Korea University Placement

At first the notion of studying abroad may seem a daunting task, and in some respects moving to a completely different country may seem intimidating, however, a study placement brings about invaluable benefits that last a lifetime.

Since Aston University is a partner institution with Korea University, the application process was quick and unproblematic. Application consisted of three stages: a personal statement; interview and finally a statement of intent, which allowed me to clarify my goals and aims on the year abroad. Both my academic school and the International office were dedicated to making sure I was aware of what to expect and provided me with all of the assistance I needed in arranging flights, visas, accommodation and more. Likewise, when it came to finally moving to Korea the support from Korea University was incredible and made the process all the more exciting and trouble-free.

It didn’t take long to find myself gripped by Seoul and all that it had to offer, as one of the largest cities on the planet there was always something to see or do, the combination of rich cultural and historical influences intertwined with the young demographic creates a truly unique atmosphere and really sets the tone for the academic year, Seoul has a real rhythm, one which is near impossible to find anywhere else. The Korean students at KU are some of the most enthusiastic and friendly students and will endeavor to help in any situation; moreover there are exchange students from all corners of the world, which adds to the diverse cultural tapestry and truly enhances the social side of a study placement.

Studying at Korea University has given me the opportunity to engage in an educational system unlike that of any UK Institution, semesters seem more structured and compacted and as a result they are far more challenging and offer so much more variety, I find myself preparing for presentations, and working in a team on a regular basis. It is this, hands on teaching method that I credit with vastly improving my interpersonal skills and presentation techniques. I feel it is a privilege to attend Korea University and benefit from the incredible world class facilities it has in place: from the Tiger Dome Stadium to the multiple libraries and educational resources that are on campus, which make learning a lot easier and satisfying. As an architecture student at KU the facilities available to me have been hugely influential to my success.

One of the best things about being able to study at an educational powerhouse is the range of courses that are on offer, especially to exchange students, unlike the UK where the course determines the modules, at KU students are free to choose courses that are relevant to them and their desires, so instead of overlapping with subjects I had already studied at Aston I was free to choose modules that I was interested in and were not already offered at Aston. Personally, having studied Construction at Aston I was always interested in architecture and KU has given me the opportunity to not only study the subject, but also have given me access to notable architects and contacts that have individually critiqued my work and advised me on how to improve and get the best possible grade. This has given me a newfound confidence and drive in realizing my life ambitions.

Exploration and spontaneity really make the study placement an unmissable opportunity, the rest of Asia is only few hours away and it isn’t rare to find yourself in Japan one weekend and China the next. All things considered studying abroad brings about unrivalled benefits that build character and demonstrate a motivated and capable mentality to potential employers. Living in an environment where there is a distinct diversity in cultures enriches the whole experience and can give you a competitive edge. It is this amalgamation of varied backgrounds and perspectives that make certain there is never a dull moment, and has provided me with cherished memories.

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