Claire Greenhill

I am currently on work placement with DHL Healthcare. I commute to my placement from Birmingham because I am situated in Banbury. Firstly finding a placement was probably the hardest part because there were so many different companies to apply for, managing your time was important also because there were also deadlines to all the applications which varied (some before Christmas and some just after). Also some of the companies having a long application process where you may need to complete an online form a number of times and then go for the interview. The downfall I probably had was companies not getting back and also I did not really want to commute too far, so that restricted which companies I could apply for.

When I started at DHL it was more than I thought because they already had planned what they wanted to me to take control of and take part in. At the moment it is quite busy with many things happen all at once but that’s part of the job. I am also part of a Graduate Scheme which is part of DHL where all of the DHL placement students help out at a centre called Lindley in the Peak District. We are currently working on a social project, where we need to create and build 2 new games at this centre where disabled children can also take part. This will be completed at the beginning of June where we will unveil the games to the children.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research