Andrew Nightingale

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BSc Construction Management

My AS levels did not go as planned – I received 2D’s and an E in D.T., I.C.T and Physics respectively.  It was purely down to not putting the work in and as a result I spent all of Year 13 trying to catch up and get some decent grades.  I was offered a conditional offer at Aston for Construction Management.  I only got 2D’s and an E again which meant I got 160 UCAS points (I think).  So I wasn’t offered a place at Aston for Construction Management and wasn’t even offered a place on the Foundation year which I thought before my results came out was pretty much a certainty. 

So I applied through clearing to do Construction Management at Coventry University which I didn’t want to do but felt I had to as I didnt have much choice.  I considered re doing my A levels but felt that was a step backwards and I had to move forward.  I went to travel to Coventry with my parents to have a look around, but the day before I emailed Dr Carpenter (then Admissions tutor for Aston) to consider me for a place.  I literally begged (as much as you can via an email) to give me a chance etc.  The morning I went to Coventry I received an email from Dr Carpenter stating he would give me a place as I clearly loved Aston as a University. 

I enrolled in September 2006 in the Engineering Foundation course.  I took it seriously as I knew it was my only real chance to achieve a decent grade and career.  I got 68% in my first year and went onto a three year course studying Construction Management.  I got 68, 67 and 66 respectively and came out with a solid 2:1 at the end of it. 
This was all the more worthwhile when I was offered a place on the graduate scheme for a company called ‘8build’.  They are a building company situated in the heart of London next to the Bank of the England.  It is a great company to learn my trade and they literally chuck you in and see how you get on.  I’ve been here 6 weeks and been involved in 6 / 7 projects some live and the rest I’ve helped to tender for (not winning many it has to be said but that is due to money and the QS’s).  My current project at the moment is working on Titanic museum down in Southampton which if we win will be brilliant. 

To be honest it was all due to Dr Carpenter and Dr Hedges who helped me along the way – so well in them.

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