Student Profiles

Renita Johal 125px
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Aston and feel privileged to have been a part of such an excellent university. Studying Chemical Engineering at Aston was the best decision I have made, it has provided me with an excellent degree and assisted me with gaining a career in the oil and gas industry."

Kumud Hareth 125px
"The number one reason was I was really keen on the placements programme. Aston was regarded well for employability and this caught my attention in the prospectus. Amongst the other universities at the time of applying, Aston’s Engineering degree was regarded higher."
Richard Shaw
"I would recommend the engineering department of Aston primarily because of the professors and their commitment to us, the students."
Uzma Mahmood
"In comparison to other institutions, Aston was more welcoming and comforting creating the perfect atmosphere for expanding academically."
Jonathan Taylor
"After coming to visit the University and talking to some of the staff, Aston felt like the right choice. The staff were all extremely enthusiastic about what they did and very approachable."

Gwen 125px
"I chose BSc Biological Chemistry at Aston for the broad range of subjects and skill sets offered by the course; the University’s great reputation for graduate employment and the opportunity to take a placement year finalised the decision"
Sarah Alexander
"I decided that Aston was the university for me when I attended an Open Day. Of all the institutes I had visited it had the warmest, friendliest atmosphere and it was very well situated within the city"
Amit Katwa  BSc Computing Science and Business Admin
Amit Katwa
"Studying a Joint Honours degree in Business and Computer Science opened up many opportunities as well as giving my career a head start"
Henry Crockett - Construction
"My placement provides a fantastic experience that is highly relevant to my course, putting many modules I have studied into practice, and helping immensely for my final year studies"
Applied Chemistry
"Aston provided a course that included core modules of chemistry but also aspects of; chem eng, biochemistry and business. The laboratory periods provide hands on experience and allow integration of knowledge in lectures"
Andrew Nightingale  BSc Construction Management
construction pic
"I enrolled on Engineering Foundation course, I took it seriously as I knew it was my only real chance to achieve a decent grade and career. I got 68% in my first year and went onto studying Construction Management" 
Meera Dodhia
“When applying to universities I wanted something more than just an academic qualification. I found Aston supported the idea of placements and helped students in finding placements that suited them best"
Faisal Alharb  BSc Logistics Management
"My time spent studying Logistics at Aston University have been the most fascinating four years of my life. I gained a fantastic understanding, of the professional and general skills related to logistics"
Alexandra Rush
“I spent my third year placement at Airbus UK based in Bristol. This was one of the most challenging opportunities and the most rewarding"
James Riley  Automotive Product Design
BMW Logo
"I managed to get a placement at BMW Group in Oxford. The placement was great and gave me an opportunity to apply what I had learnt at University in a real work environment"
Chemical Engineering small
"I had an enjoyable time at Aston and feel that I made the most of the vast academic, social and sporting opportunities”
"Now that I have graduated I am going to Cambridge University to complete an MPhil in Micro and Nanotechnology Enterprise"
Charlotte and Katrina
"Our choice of Aston University was due to it's emphasis on sandwich placements. We would recommend all students to seize the opportunities offered by placement years."
Mark Boosey  BSc Internet Systems
Mark Boosey
"I’m very glad I took a placement – the experience of working in a business isn’t something that can be gained via lectures and I’ve definitely benefited from the training I received whilst at Reuters"
Nathan Shane  BSc Logistics Management
Nathan Shane
"All the experience and knowledge that I learnt from my time at Aston studying Logistics is standing me in good stead. I can recommend Aston to anyone and particularly the Logistics Course"
Richard Carpenter
“Aston gave me an excellent base to develop as a professional engineer, the MEng degree is both challenging and rewarding"
Jennifer Tombs

“I found the Product Design course at Aston very challenging and rewarding. It has built up my confidence tremendously"

Ant Copson

“My time at Aston University has given so much, but the two most important things it has given me would have to be, the time and the right environment in order to grow as a person"

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