Weather Links

Interested in the weather? Shown below are links to some of the many meteorological web-pages I have found useful over the years.

Surface Pressure Charts

Surface pressure charts drawn by the Met Office in colour and in black and white show how the synoptic weather situation will likely evolve over the coming days. The fronts drawn on these surface pressure charts mark a boundary between different air masses where enhanced precipitation and cloud cover occurs.

UK forecast videos

BBC - Click on the UK forecast video for an explanation of the next few day's weather, updated several times a day.

Met Office Youtube Channel - The Met Office's youtube channel provides video forecasts uploaded approximately once every day.

Longer range forecast charts and time series charts

Wetterzentrale (a German website) and WeatherOnline are web-sites which contain an extensive number of charts from various meteorological organisations. The 'Top Katen' section of Wetterzentrale and the 'Expert Charts' section of WeatherOnline are particulary useful showing charts from organisations such as GFS and ECMWF including many upper air charts.   

Current Observations

Rainfall radar - The Met Office's rainfall radar system gives a good indication of where precipitation is falling and has fallen across the UK.

Birmingham Coleshill - For those in Birmingham one of the closest Met Office weather stations is located in Coleshill, East of Birmingham. Check this website out to see what weather is being recorded at this professional site.

Weather Underground - With data from over a thousands weather stations in the UK alone it is very easy to find nearby weather observations. Some of these observations come from METAR stations (stations set up at airports) whilst many more are set up by 'Weather Enthusiasts' who own personal weather stations.

WOW - The Met Office's WOW site like weather underground allows 'Weather Enthusiasts' to upload data from their personal weather stations to be shared and compared with many others. The WOW website also shows recent observations from the Met Office's Meteorological Monitoring System (MMS) a network of professional stations.

Satellite Images

Sat24 - Provides current and archived satellite images in the visible and infrared wavelengths showing cloud formations across many parts of the world.

Written Summaries

MetCheck - Provides a detailed written summary of today's weather as well as the weather for the next few days.

Weather Data

BADC - The British Atmospheric Data Centre holds all kinds of data, a list of which is shown here, it also holds data collected by Met Office MIDAS stations.

KNMI Climate Explorer - Collects large amounts of climate data.

The Central England Temperature Time Series and the HadUKP UK regional precipitation series are useful for establishing the overall trend in UK temperatures and precipitation at a coarse resolution.

Lightning data - Collected by NASA's GHCC lightning team.

Weather Symbol Reference Chart

This two page poster from weathergraphics is particularly useful for understanding the symbols on station plots.

Meteorological Jobs

Met-Jobs - A great website which posts jobs available in the field of Meteorology. Sign up to the mailing list to receive frequent emails every time new jobs are advertised.


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