Mr Prins Butt

Prins Butt

Programming Support Officer

Phone number

+44 (0)121 204 3745

Staff E-mail:p.a.butt@aston.ac.uk

P.S.O E-mail: eas_pso@aston.ac.uk

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I joined Computer Science in Aston University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 2009 as a Programming Support Officer.  My role as a Programming Support Officer is quite diverse and involves me carrying out a number of key activities.  During term-time I manage the programming support office and undertake a number of teaching activities and outside of term-time I work as a software engineer on a number of internal projects geared towards improving teaching.  Prior to this I have worked as a research assistant/fellow at the University of Southampton, as a software engineer in the private and public sectors as well as a freelance software developer.

Qualifications & Education

  • MEng Digital Systems Engineering with Honours, University of Southampton, 2007

Teaching Activity

My current teaching activity focuses on the design and development of software and can be divided into four categories.  Firstly, as the programming support officer at Aston University, I help students develop their conceptual understanding and best practice for software development.  This involves providing support to students and liaising with module tutors for all undergraduate modules provided by the computer science subject group.  Secondly, as a teaching assistant for the first year (20 credit) module CS1020: Java Programming Foundations, Non-Computer Science Track, I help students with little or no previous programming experience develop an understanding and an appreciation of computer programming and how it can be used to solve every day problems.  This involves delivering small group tutorials, laboratory demonstrations and occasionally review lectures.  Thirdly, as a teaching assistant on the final year module CS3270: Testing and Reliable Software Engineering, I help students develop advance skills in software testing and reliable software engineering that help equip our students for the industry.  This is achieved through modern content development, lectures, small group and individual tutorials, laboratory demonstrations and a variety of assessment methods.  Finally, I often work with Aston University's Disability and Additional Needs Unit (DANU) to help provide additional specialist subject-specific support to students with particular accessibility needs so as to ensure that all our students have an enjoyable learning experience here at Aston University.

Current Teaching Activity:

  • Teaching assistant for CS3360: Software Project Management (10 credit module)
  • Teaching assistant for CS1020: Java Programming Foundations, Non-Computer Science Track (20 credit module)
  • Teaching assistant for CS3270: Testing and Reliable Software Engineering (10 credit module)


Past Teaching Activity:

  • Teaching assistant for CS1310: Java Programming Foundations, Computer Science Track (20 credit module)
  • Teaching assistant for CS1410: Java Program Construction (10 credit module)

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