Mr Thomas Austin

 Admissions Assistant

Thomas Austin

 As a part of the admissions team I get to work with all the students applying for undergraduate courses from all over the world, I help organised the open days for the students to come and see our campus and meet our staff and students. My job lets me meet hundreds of students every year who are all excited about what they are studying and looking to go to university, when you see them in fresher’s week having a great time and starting their degrees at Aston it’s great to spot people your recognise.

I came to Aston as an Economics and Management student in 2007, living in Lawrence Tower before it was replaced. Whilst studying I was part of the Aston Bears Swimming and Water Polo team and I now Coach the Women’s Water Polo team. I loved studying at Aston and living in Birmingham so much I never left!

My degree had a compulsory placement year and in 2009 I went to work for the International Office, promoting Aston University to students all over the world. The chance to meet lots of really interesting students and to encourage them to come to Aston was something that I found easy and enjoyable. I also picked up lots of skills that helped me get my job today.


BSc (hons) Economics and Management, Aston University

Phone number
+44 (0)121 204 3400 


Room number
EAS School Centre, MB133

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research