Sudhakar Sagi

I studied Chemical Engineering at the Freidrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany, where I graduated in 2004.

In 2004 I joined the Department of Technical Chemistry at the Research Centre of Karlsruhe, Germany for my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Hornung. At the research centre of Karlsruhe, I worked on the study of formal kinetic parameters of the biomass pyrolysis process and also studying the behaviour of lignin. I also have experience in working with intermediate pyrolysis via a Haloclean reactor in lab and pilot scale as well as in handling units like the TG, DTA, DTG and MS.

I joined the Bioenergy Research Group (BERG) at Aston University in July 2008. My research is focused on the pyrolysis of biomass with respect to lignin and the study of kinetics. I will also be responsible for the online analysis of pyrolysis gases of the pyrolysis process. In addition I will also carry out the numerical analysis of the experimental results.

I have completed and submitted my PhD for examination.

Position: Contract Research Assistant (Chemical Engineering)
Phone: 0121 204 3387 
Room: EB130

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A.Hornung, A. Apfelbacher, S.Sagi, High integrative, CO  negative, high efficient power generation (ICONE power) from ash rich biomass coupled with production of algae based bio oils as well as black earth avoiding affluents at Hainhaus/Odenwald using the BtVB process, 17th European Biomass Conf. And Exhibition, From Research to industry and markets, Hamburg Germany June 2009 (Submitted).

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Schöner.J; Hornung. A; Sagi.S; Seifert.H. Post-treatment of pyrolysis residues of WEEE. Recovery of precious metals. Proc.of the 23rd Annual Internat.Conf.on Incineration and Thermal Treatment Technologies, Phoenix, Ariz., May 10-14, 2004 College Park, Md. : University of Maryland, 2004 CD-ROM IT3-048.

Schöner.J; Hornung.A; Sagi.S; Seifert.H; Bockhorn.H. Pyrolytische Behandlung von Elektronikschrott am Beispiel des HalocleanVerfahrens. 17.TECFLAM-Seminar : Abschlusskolloquium der Forschungsinitiative COSI - Combustion Control and Simulation, Stuttgart, 2.Dezember 2003 Stuttgart : TECFLAM, 2004 S.70-86 ISBN 3-926751-27-4

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