Mr Bryan Ratcliff

Bryan Ratcliffe

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0121 204 3468


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I joined Aston University in September 1973, having spent the previous two years first as Research Assistant and then Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at Birmingham University, investigating certain aspects of computational linguistics.

The year prior to 1973 was spent carrying out a ‘conversion’ MSc In Computer Science, also at Birmingham University.

Since joining Aston I have taught various modules in the areas of software development and software engineering, held various administrative posts, published two books and over 20 papers, supervised 5 successful PhD students and run two externally-funded projects.

Qualifications & Education

  • BSc with II1 Honours in Chemistry, University of Birmingham, 1970
  • MSc in Computer Scince, University of Birmingham, 1971


  • 1973 – date: Lecturer in Computer Science, Aston University.

Teaching activity
My teaching interests centre mainly on programming, software development and software engineering. Modules taught are:

  • CS2290 (Data Structures and Design with Java)
  • CS3120 (Contractual Software Development)
  • CS3220 (Software Engineering: Management & Metrics)

Research interests
Contractual software development (also known as ‘Design by Contract’).

Recent research funding
MoD funding totalling approx. £301,000 was obtained during the period 1988 - 1993

PhD Supervision
Supervised 5 successful PhD students during 1984 - 1995

Membership of Professional Bodies

Selected publications
Introducing Specification Using Z. A Practical Case Study Approach. McGraw-Hill, Maidenhead, 1994.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research