Majed Abduallah Al-Naeem

Majed Abduallah  Al-Naeem
Majed Abduallah Al-Naeem
Email :alnaemah@aston.ac.uk

Room Number: MB110

I graduated from King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in Mechanical Engineering (BSc). After graduation I worked for Saudi Electricity Company as Generation Engineer. In 2012 I obtained MSc Engineering Management from Aston University Birmingham, UK.


  • Doctoral researcher in the department of Engineering Systems and Management.
  • Research project: understanding and improving the manufacturing changeover process in Saudi Arabian firms.
  • Supervisor: Dr. Robin Clark.
  • Sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia.

 Research interests

Qualifications & Education

  • 2012 M.Sc. Engineering Management, School of Engineering & Applied Science. Aston University. Birmingham. England.
  • 2004 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Engineering School, King Saud University. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • 04/2004-09/2004 working with AL-Zamil Company Commercial Division for installing Turbine Inlet Air Cooling System (TIACS) Project in Qassim Plant "CPP3" Saudi Electricity Company.
  • 10/2004-02/2010 Saudi Electricity Company - Power Plant 8 in Riyadh – Generation Engineer. The main responsibilities in this role involved:


  1. Working on Turbine Inlet Air Cooling System project (TIAC) in power plant no 8.
  2. Participation in turbines maintenance ABB & GE Frame 7F units.
  3. Working on technical support division. That involved follow up turbines hot parts, such as turbines blades, liner, U-duct etc... and follow up technical projects in plant.
  4. Coordinator of Computerized Management Maintenance System "CMMS" & Electronic Documentation Management System "EDMS" programs.
  5. Thermograph (IR) certificate level 1.

Conference Paper:

Alnaeem, M. and Lim, M. 2012. The obstacles of Saudi Arabian organisational culture to implement Total Quality Management (TQM). In Proceeding of the 10th international     conference manufacturing research (ICMR). September 11-13, 2012. Birmingham. 292-297.