Dr George Vogiatzis

Senior Lecturer

Phone number: 0121 204 3452 
Email: g.vogiatzis@aston.ac.uk 
Room Number: MB211F 

GV Japan
I am a Computer Vision researcher with main interests in 3D vision and its applications in Computer Graphics. I am currently employed as a lecturer at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. Prior to that I was a senior Researcher Scientist in Toshiba Research Laboratory in Cambridge, UK where I was a member of the Computer Vision Group. Even earlier, I was  PhD student in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Many years ago as an undergraduate I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London. I also currently hold a junior research fellowship in Wolfson College, Cambridge.

My research is focused on algorithms for obtaining 3D models of objects from visual data such as digital photographs or video. One motivation for this research is that visual data is very easy to aquire, typically much easier than other 3D sensors. Most importantly however, 3D models that have been obtained from visual cues are, by construction, visually faithful to the real world objects they are modelling. Therefore, these techniques offer our best chance of bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual worlds of Computer Graphics, eventually leading to photorealistic 3D content in both films and computer games.

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