Evangelos Zacharis


Phone number
+44(0)121 204 3616


Room number 
Office: N309,Laboratory: N401

I joined School of Engineering and Applied Science in April 2011 as a doctoral student in the Power Engineering and Power Electronic Engineering Group having awarded the 3–year Case PhD studentship from Western Power Distribution (formerly Central Networks). My research focuses on Power Quality issues related to low voltage grid and investigation of potential technologies based on power electronics. 

Qualifications & Education

  •  BSc. in Physics, School of Natural Science, University of Patras, Greece 2008

  • MSc. in Energy with Distinction, School of Engineering and Physical Science, Edinburgh, 2010

 Research interests

  • Smart grids, micro-grids, Low Voltage networks

  • Power Quality improvement techniques related to integrating renewable energy sources.

  • Distributed Generation, Renewable energy technology, Plug-in Electric Vehicles