Dr Vladimir Mezentsev

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Vladimir Mezentsev
Senior Lecturer

Phone number
+44 (0) 121 204 3481 


Room number 

Teaching modules 

  • EE2ESA: Electronic System Analysis
  • EE3SPR: Signal Processing
  • EE1CEE: Computing for Electronic Engineering
  • EE4014: Software Engineering for Web Applications 

Research interests

  • Numerical modelling in nonlinear science (laser physics, fibre optics, solitons, wave collapse).
  • Fmtosecond laser material processing.
  • Fibre optics communication systems.
  • Development of object oriented software for scientific computing. 


List of my publications with citations at Google Scholar.
Some of my papers on Aston's own publication database with some reprints available.

Hirsch citation index of my research papers is 25 according to both ISI Web of Science and Google Scholar as of Aug 2015.
Google's i10 index (number of papers cited more than 10 times) is 53

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