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Contract Research Fellow

Phone number
0121 204 3390



I joined the Biomaterials Research Unit at Aston University having completed from first degree in Biological Sciences to study for a PhD. 

On completion of my PhD I was employed as a Research Fellow within the Biomaterials Research Unit.

I have been involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (formerly Teaching Company Schemes) since 1996 providing academic, administration and co ordination support. 

Qualifications & Education

  • BSc with Upper Second Class Honours in Biological Sciences, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, 1986.
  • PhD in Lipoidal Species in Ocular Spoilation Processes, Aston University, 1990


  • 1989 – date: Research Fellow, Biomaterials Research Unit, Aston University

Teaching activity
I taught Chemistry of Living Systems to undergraduates and currently involved in running MSc Practicals in Biomaterials.  I am involved in assisting with supervision of students within the Biomaterials Research Unit labs.

Research interests
Interaction of biomedical polymers with living biological systems in particular the biochemical analysis of spoilation processes including contact lenses, intra ocular lenses and the development of biomimetic polymers for prosthetic applications e.g. keratoprosthesis and spinal disc, analysis of biological interaction between prosthetic materials and their host environment in particular ophthalmic materials and tear fluid, spoilation and cleaning effects. 

Recent research funding
Named researcher:
EP/G006202/1 Injectable Biomimetic Tissue Repair Systems
GR/S41173/01 New Clinical Materials for Biomimetic Repair of Intervertebral Disc
GR/J94365/01 New Synthetic Materials For Corneal Surgery

Membership of Professional Bodies
Member of the Institute of Biology (MIBiol CBiol)
Member the British Contact Lens Association
Member of the Biochemical Society

Selected publications
Cleaning Efficacy of Single Purpose Surfactant Cleaners and Multi Purpose Solutions.  V Franklin CLAE, 1997, 20 (2) 63-68.  Dallos Award Lecture 1995.

Contact lens care, Part 3 - Contact lens materials and their interaction with tears. B J Tighe, V J Franklin & S R Tonge Optician (2001) 58-3 221 p22-29

Contact lens care, Part 4 - Contact lens deposition, discoloration and spoilation mechanisms. V J Franklin, B J Tighe & S R Tonge Optician (2001) 5808 222 p16-23

Protein Uptake Study on Focus Dailies and 1-Day Acuvue  based on Ex-vivo Analysis of Lenses from a 12Hr Clinical Trial V Franklin, C Purslow, B Tighe, J Wolffsohn Poster Presented at European Eye & Vision Research Meeting, October 2003, Alicante. J for Research in Experimental and Clinical Ophthalmology 2003, 35 S1 p16.  ISSN 0030-3747

Towards Synthetic Osteo-donto Keratoprosthesis
Reeta Viitala, Valerie Franklin, David Green, Christopher Liu, Andrew Lloyd, Brian Tighe
Acta Biomaterialia, Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 438-452

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