Habitat Creation & Restoration KTP – 2006 to 2008

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Sustainable Environment Research Group, Aston University and Middlemarch Environmental Ltd.

Lead Academic: Dr Peter Hedges
Industrial Supervisor: Dr Katy Read
KTP Associate: Helen Markland

Objectives of the KTP

 The KTP was designed to utilise Aston University’s expertise to introduce commercial project management, construction and long-term monitoring services for the implementation of environmental and habitat designs into Middlemarch’s portfolio of services. The objectives of the KTP, which were all satisfactorily met during the course of the KTP, were:

  • review current procedures for implementation of habitat creation designs and monitoring of habitats;
  • analyse the requirements of customers for the construction and monitoring of new habitats;
  • formulate procedures for contract negotiation and compliance, in association with review of business systems;
  • develop process models for construction; including project planning, management and implementation;
  • design and implement systems and procedures for long term post construction monitoring, and reporting procedures for commercial and statutory bodies;
  • develop and provide training materials for current and future staff.