Biodiversity Indicators for Business – 2007 to 2009

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Sustainable Environment Research Group, Aston University and Middlemarch Environmental Ltd.

Lead Academic: Dr Peter Hedges
Industrial Supervisor: James Calow
KTP Associate: James Hildreth

Objective of the KTP

Whilst Middlemarch Environmental Ltd offered clients a range of services relating to the feasibility, planning, design, construction and maintenance phases of habitat creation and restoration, it did not provide any robust tools for accurately measuring ongoing environmental performance and compliance with legislation. The development of such a system would further the sustainability of environmental and bio-diversity improvements achieved by companies, as well as enable them to prove their ecological performance with respect to CSR requirements.

The completion of the KTP enabled the development of a new workstream for Middlemarch, and provided:

  • a guide for biodiversity indicator selection;
  • a set of proven / tested biodiversity indicators;
  • a corporate service for KPI selection to enable the management of biodiversity and CSR reporting.