Dr Michal Konecny


Phone number
+44 (0)121 204 3462


Room number
Main Building 212D

I joined Aston Computer Science group as a lecturer in September 2003, after a two-year research fellowship in the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science in Edinburgh University.

Qualifications & Education

  • Magister of Mathematics, Masaryk University , Brno Czech Republic, 1996

  • Magister of Computer Science, Masaryk University , Brno Czech Republic, 1996

  • PhD in Computer Science, Birmingham University, 2000

  • Associate Certificate in Teaching & Learning (Aston University)


  • 2003 – date: Lecturer in Computer Science, Aston University, Birmingham

  • 2001 – 2003: Research Fellow in Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh

Research interests
My research focuses on the theory and implementation of reliable arbitrary-precision   numerical computation and on programming theory, mainly support for static analysis and verification.

Recent research funding

  • 2006-2009: Computing with Arbitrary Precision Curves, EPSRC Grant EP/C01037X/1

  • 2005-2009: High Integrity Floating Point Computation, EPSRC CASE with Praxis High Integrity Ltd

PhD Supervision

  • 2005-2009 Jan Duracz

I am looking for new PhD students in areas close to my research interests.

Selected publications 

Journal articles 

  • J Duracz, MK: Polynomial function intervals for floating-point software verification, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Springer Verlag, 70 (4), 351-398, 2014

  • MK, A Farjudian: Compositional semantics of dataflow networks with query-driven communication of exact values, Journal of Universal Computer Science 16 (18), 2629-2656, 2010

  • MK, A Farjudian: Semantics of Query-Driven Communication of Exact Values,  Journal of Universal Computer Science, 16 (18), 2597-2628, 2010

  • D. Aspinall, M. Hofmann, MK: A Type System with Usage Aspects, Journal of Functional Programming, Cambridge University Press, 2008

  • Real Functions Incrementally Computable by Finite Automata, Theoretical Computer Science, 315(1):109-133, 2004

  • Real Functions Computable by Finite Automatons using Affine Representations, Theoretical Computer Science, 284(2):373-396, 2002

Refereed conference papers 

  • MK, Walid Taha, Jan Duracz, Adam Duracz, Aaron Ames: Enclosing the behavior of a hybrid system up to and beyond a Zeno point, proceedings of IEEE 1st International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Networks, and Applications (CPSNA), 2013

  • Time Complexity and Convergence Analysis of Domain Theoretic Picard Method with Amin Farjudian,  in Proceedings of Wollic'08, Edinburgh, pp149-163, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 5110, Springer-Verlag, 2008

  • Polynomial Function Enclosures and Floating Point Software Verification  with Jan Duracz, in proceedings of CFV'08, Sydney, Australia, August 11, 2008

  • Modelling geometric rules in object based models: an XML / GML approach , Trevor Reeves, Dan Cornford, MK, Jeremy Ellis in proceedings of 12th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, Vienna, July 2006, Springer Verlag

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