Dr Marc Eberhard


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0121 204 3503 


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Born in 1970 and grown up in Bavaria (Germany), I went to high school (Karlsgymnasium) in Bad Reichenhall. In case you look for it on the map, it is close to Salzburg (Austria). 

At the end of 1989 I moved to Munich and began my studies in physics at the Physics Department of the Technical University Munich. I finished my diploma thesis there at the Institute E13 in March 1996. 

Then I relocated to Düsseldorf to work for the Institute for Theoretical Physics I at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. In May 2000 I finished my PhD thesis there and it was time for yet another move in July 2000. 

This time I picked Birmingham (United Kingdom) and started to work in the Photonics Research Group at Aston University as a Contract Research Fellow. 

Since September 2001 I'm now a lecturer in Electronic Engineering here at Aston.

Teaching activity

Research interests 
Long haul optical transmission systems with particular interest in polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) in single and coarse or dense wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM or DWDM) transmission mode; stability of solitons under PMD 

Selected publications  

N. Johnson, S. M. Nissanka, T. Nakamura, M. Eberhard, A. Maruta and K. Blow, Simultaneous dibit recovery of a DQPSK signal using a single Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, Elec. Lett. 45 (2009) 321-322


S. Fowler, M. Eberhard, K. Blow and A. Shaikh, Implementing an Adaptive Sending Rate by exploiting SNR in relation to throughput over Wireless Mesh Networks, In Networking and Electronic Commerce Research Conference (NAEC2008), page 288-304, Lake Garda, Italy, September 2008, International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)


M. Eberhard and S. Fowler, Integration of the Manakov-PMD Equation with Precomputed M(w) Matrices for PMD Simulation, Journal of Scientific and Practical Computing 2 (2008) 3-12


M. Eberhard, Polarisation Mode Dispersion Induced Transmission Penalties for Long-Haul High Speed Optical Communication Systems, In 1st Global COE Student Conference on Innovative Electronic Topics (SCIENT2008), page I-2, Suita, Osaka, Japan, August 2008, Osaka University


N. Johnson, S. M. Nissanka, M. Eberhard and A. Maruta, Recovery of multiple amplitude levels from a DQPSK NRZ signal using a single Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, In 1st Global COE Student Conference on Innovative Electronic Topics (SCIENT2008), page AMP-14, Suita, Osaka, Japan, August 2008, Osaka University


A. D. Shaikh, M. Eberhard, K. J. Blow and S. A. Fowler, Statistical Study of Talk Spurts and Silence Lengths with relation to various Languages and Speakers for Advanced Silence Suppression in Next Generation Wireless Communication Devices, In 1st Global COE Student Conference on Innovative Electronic Topics (SCIENT2008), page P-2, Suita, Osaka, Japan, August 2008, Osaka University


M. Eberhard and K. J. Blow, Simulation of guiding-centre soliton transmission system stability in the presence of polarisation mode dispersion, In Techn. Digest Series, Conference on Nonlinear Photonics (NP), page JWA24, Quebec, Canada, September 2007, Optical Society of America


C. Braimiotis, M. Eberhard and K. Blow, Polarisation mode dispersion correlations with the coarse-step method, Opt. Comm. 262 (2006) 135-139


M. Eberhard and K. J. Blow, Q parameter estimation using numerical simulations for linear and nonlinear transmission systems, Opt. Comm. 265 (2006) 73-78


S. Oda, M. Eberhard and A. Maruta, All-optical digital-to-analog conversion using nonlinear optical loop mirrors, In Proc. of IEICE Autumn Conference, page B-10-27, Hokkaido, Japan, September 2005, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) 


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