Dr Kaiming Zhou

Research Fellow

Kaiming Zhou
Phone number

0121 204 3504




Research interests

The main task is to couple light out of the optical fiber using tilted gratings to realize the function of optical spectral analysers. We have used side detection method to decode the light information with a CCD array. This technology may find application in optical communications and optical fiber sensors. Optical waveguide, optical fiber, fiber Bragg grating, optical fiber sensors and semiconductor lasers

Empoyment History

2002-present Aston University

Key Grants and Awards

To develop a new generation of innovative soft contact lens measuring instruments £118K 2013 KTP project /Optimec Ltd

  • Ultrafast laser micromachining of semiconductor materials for solar cells £14000 2013

RA Engineering

  • Gas sensor using optical fibre, £121K 2013

KTP project/GasData Ltd

  • Supplying of 45° tilted fibre Bragg grating, $6K 2010 Electro-optics Technology, Inc
  • High extinct ratio polarised fiber, $150K 2006-2009 European Office of Aerospace Research & Development, partners: US air force research laboratory, Leiki
  • Highly side-mode-suppressed fibre Bragg grating external cavity semiconductor laser, ¥100KRMB, Institute Director Fund Award, Chinese Academy of sciences

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Selection of Key Publications

1 Z.Yan, K.Zhou, L. Zhang, “In-fiber linear polarizer based on UV-inscribed 45° tilted grating in polarization maintaining fiber”. Optics Letters 09/2012; 37(18):3819-21.

2 K.Zhou, Z.Yan, L.Zhang, and I.Bennion, "Refractometer based on fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot cavity embedded with a narrow microchannel," Opt. Express 19, 11769-11779 (2011) 

3. K.Zhou, M.Dubov, C.Mou, L.Zhang, V.Mezentsev, I.Bennion, "Line-by-Line Fiber Bragg Grating Made by Femtosecond laser,"IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., 22(16), 1041-1135(2010) 

4. A.Martinez, K.Zhou, I.Bennion, and S. Yamashita, "Passive mode-locked lasing by injecting a carbon nanotube-solution in the core of an optical fiber," Opt. Express,18, 11008-11014 (2010) 

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