Dr Haitao Ye

Dr Haitao Ye

Reader in Nanotechnology Science

Electrical, Electronic & Power Engineering (EEPE)


I am currently a Reader in Nanotechnology Science at School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University. I held positions previously as Research Associate / Senior Research Associate at London Centre for Nanotechnology at University College London (UCL).  Prior to that, I was an Industrial Research Fellow at NTT Basic Research Labs in Japan.

Qualifications & Education

  • PhD in Electronic Engineering, University College London
  • MEng in Materials Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
  • BEng in Materials Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University  

Teaching activity

  • EE3NPD Network Product Development (BEng Third Year)
  • EE7002 Electronic Sensors (MSc Sensing)
  • SE0EEF & ME1600 Electronic Lab (Foundation Year & First Year)
  • BEng/MEng Final Year Research Projects
  • ERASMUS Student Research Projects 

 Research interests

  • CVD homo-epitaxial and heteroepitaxial diamond films growth
  • Wear resistive nanodiamond coatings for Advanced Engineering Application
  • Surface functionalisation of nanodiamond powders for cold water cleaning
  • Nanodiamond particles for drug delivery
  • Materials characterisation (XPS, AES, Impedance, SEM, Raman, PL, FTIR, XRD)
  • Semiconductor devices fabrications (UV detector, FET, IGBT)
  • Electrospun carbon fibers and composites

 Recent research funding

  • EPSRC Grant (EP/K003070/1) 
  • EPSRC Grant  (EP/H034269/1)
  • EPSRC Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network Industrial PhD Case Studentship
  • UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills 
  • Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
  • British Council Windsor Treaty Programme
  • Marie Curie FP7-People-IRSES
  • Marie Curie FP7-People-IIF

 Awards and Honors

  • Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchange Award with China/India
  • Royal Society International Short Visiting Award
  • British Council Science Exchange Award

 PhD Supervision

We are always willing to consider suitably qualified people as candidates for PhDs at Aston. If you have (or be close to completing) a first or upper second class honours degree, preferably with a Master’s degree with an appropriate background in electronic engineering, physics, materials science or electrochemistry, with an interest in nanotechnology, please contact us. Funding could be available from grant awarding bodies, such as the EPSRC, and University’s studentship may also be available.

There are also occasional vacancies for postdoctoral researchers, but these will be advertised below when they are available.  Experience in one of the following areas will be of advantage: (1) PECVD thin film growth, materials characterization using XPS, AES, SEM, and Raman spectroscopy; (2) Electronic device fabrication using clean room facilities including photolithography, RIE, and FIB; and (3) Electrochemistry including impedance spectroscopy, dielectric relaxation, and potentiostatic measurement. 

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow of Institute of Nanotechnology (FIoN) 
  • Editorial Board, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Letters (www.aspbs.com/nnl/)
  • Scientific Review Panel Member, Israel Science Foundation
  • Reviewer for Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics /Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter / Diamond & Related Materials / Semiconductor Science & Technology / Nanotechnology /Physica Status Solidi /Materials Research Society Proceedings
  • Grant reviewer for Royal Society, EPSRC
  • Book reviewer for Cambridge University Press 

Selected publications

  • S. Su, J. Li, V. Kundrát, A.M. Abbot, H. Ye, Hydrogen-terminated Detonation Nanodiamond: Impedance Spectroscopy and Thermal Stability Studies, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 023707, 1-8.

  • J. Li, S. Su, L. Zhou, V. Kundrát, A.M. Abbot, F. Mushtaq, D. Ouyang, D. James, D. Roberts, H. Ye, Carbon nanowalls grown by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition during the carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fibers, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 024313,1-6.

  • Z. Gao, H. Yan, H. Ning, R. Wilson, X. Wei, B. Shi, H. Ye, M.J. Reece, Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of Ce substituted La2Ti2O7 Ceramics, Journal of the European Ceramics Society 33 (2013) 1001-1008.

  • Z. Gao, H. Ning, C. Chen, R. Wilson, B. Gui, H. Ye, H. Yan, M.J. Reece, The effect of Barium Substitution on the Ferroelectric properties of Sr2Nb2O7 Ceramics, Journal of the American Ceramics Society 12121 (2012) 1-8.

  • G. Lee, S. Su, J. Li, K. Sugden and H. Ye, Femtosecond laser inscription on single crystalline diamond films for MEMs applications, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 7 (2012) 662-672.

  • X. Cui, S.P.Brown, X. Liu, A. Tatton, H. Ye and A. Marsh, Nanodiamond promotes surfactant-mediated triglyceride removal from a hydrophobic surface at or below room temperature, ACS-Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (2012) 3225-3232.

  • G. Chen, B. Li, Z.Yan, J. Liu, F.Lu and H. Ye, Growth of ultrananocrystalline diamond films by DC Arcjet plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Journal of Crystal Growth 349 (2012) 1-5.

  • S. Su, J. Li, V. Kundrat, A. Abbot and H. Ye, Hydrogen-passivated detonation nanodiamond: An impedance spectroscopy study, Diamond & Related Materials 24 (2012) 49-53.

  • Patent
    UK patent No: GB1004715.7, 2010, pending.

Current Research Group Members

  • Mr Shi Su, PhD Student
  • Miss Alice Li, PhD Student

  • Mr Vojtech Kundrat, PhD student

  • Mr Jamie Coathup, PhD student

  • Mr Tomas Dao, ERASMUS student

Previous Research Group Members

  • Dr Xianjin Cui, Research Fellow, EPSRC, now at Kings College London

  • Mr Vojtech Kundrat, ERASMUS student, Czech Republic, now PhD student at Aston

  • Mr Tomas Novak, ERASMUS student, Czech Republic

  • Miss Jebin Begum, Nuffield Placement student, Golden Crest Award 2012

  • Mr Nicolas Deoliveira, Internship student, ICAM, France

  • Miss Laura Fontaine, Internship student, ICAM, France

  • Miss Fajer Mushtaq, Project student, Winner of 2012 IET H.E. Pulsford Memorial Prize for the best final-year student project, now MSc student at ETH, Zurich

Funding for International Researchers

Follow this link for Professor Turitsyn's guide to a range of different funding opportunities for international researchers. For further information, contact Dr Ye directly.

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