Dr Haitao Ye

Dr Haitao Ye

Reader in Nanotechnology Science

Electrical, Electronic & Power Engineering (EEPE)


Dr Ye is a Reader in Nanotechnology Science and Final Year Tutor in the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University. 

Qualifications & Education 

PhD in Electronic Engineering, University College London 


  • I am currently Reader in Nanotechnology Science at School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University.
  • Previously I worked as Research Fellow at London Center for Nanotechnology, UK and NTT Basic Research Labs, Japan.

Teaching activity

  • EE3NPD Network Product Development (BEng Third Year)
  • SE0EEF & ME1600 Electronic Lab (Foundation Year & First Year)
  • AP3NAN Nanomaterials and Applications (Third Year Applied Physics)
  • BEng/MEng Final Year Research Projects
  • ERASMUS Student Research Projects

Research interests 

1. Diamond based electronic devices:

a) CVD diamond growth

b) Power devices 

c) Memory devices 

d) MEMs and NEMs

2. Carbon-based nanomaterials for energy application:

a) Lithium battery

b) Super-capacitors

3. Diamond surface engineering and biomedical application:

a) Microfluidic devices

b) Cold water cleaning

c) Cell culturing and interfacing

d) Bionanoprobe for Intracellular sensing

Recent research funding

  • EPSRC e-future feasibility grant
  • EPSRC Grant (EP/K003070/1) 
  • EPSRC Grant (EP/H034269/1)
  • EPSRC Nanotechnology KTN Industrial PhD Case Studentship
  • UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills 
  • Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
  • British Council Windsor Treaty Programme
  • Marie Curie FP7-People-IRSES
  • Marie Curie FP7-People-IIF


If you are interested in joining us or collaborating, please get in touch by e-mail.

We are always keen to support post-graduate researches, visiting scholars, and emerging early-career researchers. There are a number of excellent funding options available (however, they need to be applied for 6 - 12 months in advance).

(I) Post-graduate schemes:

We are always willing to consider suitably qualified people as candidates for PhDs at Aston. If you have (or be close to completing) a first or upper second class honours degree, preferably with a Master’s degree with an appropriate background in electronic engineering, physics, materials science or electrochemistry, with an interest in nanotechnology, please contact us.

1. Commonwealth Scholarship (3 years; Fees + Allowance; Commonwealth Nationals).

(II) Post-doctoral schemes:

1. Marie Curie Fellowship (2 year; European Union).

2. Newton Fellowship (2 year; UK Royal Society).

3. Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 year; UK EPSRC).

(III) Visiting scholar schemes:

1. Royal Society Newton Mobility Grant.

2. Royal Academy of Engineering Newton Mobility Grant.

3. Aston University Visiting Scholar Scheme.

4. Royal Society International Exchange Grant.

5. Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchange with China/India.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member of Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET)
  • Member of Materials Research Society

Selected publications 

  • F. Wang, L. Chen, C. Deng, H. Ye, X. Jiang, G. Yang, Porous tin film synthesized by electrodeposition and the electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries, Electrochimica Acta 149 (2014) 330.
  • B. Zhang, A. Chang, Q. Zhao, H. Ye and Y. Wu, Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Yb-doped Ca0.9-xYbxLa0.1MnO3 Ceramics, Journal of Electronic Materials 43 (2014) 4048.
  • B. Yan, L. Chen, Y. Liu, G. Zhu, C. Wang, H. Zhang, G. Yang, H. Ye, A. Yuan, Co3O4 nanostructure and high-rate performance as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries: Prepared via book-like cobalt-organic framework, CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 10227.
  • J. Li, S. Su, L. Zhou, A.M. Abbot, H. Ye, Dielectric transition of polyacrylonitrile derived carbon nano-fibers, Materials Research Express, 1 (2014) 035604.
  • X. Cui, S. Belo, D. Krüger, Y. Yan, R. Rosales, M. Jauregui-Osoro, H. Ye, S. Su, D. Mathe, N. Kovács, I Horváth, M. Semjeni, M. A. Green, and P. J. Blower, Aluminium Hydroxide Stabilized MFe2O4 (M = Mn, Fe, or Co) Nanoparticles: Dual-modality Contrasts Agent for MRI and PET Imaging, Biomaterials, 35 (2014) 5840-5846 .
  • B. Zhang, Q. Zhao, A. Chang, H. Ye, S. Chen, Y. Wu, New negative temperature coefficient thermistor ceramics in Mn-doped CaCu3-xMnxTi4O12 (0≤x≤1) system, Ceramics International, 40 (2014) 11221-11227.
  • Y. Yang, H. Wang, Q. Zhou, M. Kong, H. Ye, G. Yang, Improved lithium storage properties of electrospun TiO2 with tunable morphology: from porous anatase to necklace rutile, Nanoscale, RSC Publishing, 5 (2013) 10267.
  • S. Su, J. Li, G.C.B. Lee, K. Sugden, D.J. Webb, H. Ye, Surface morphological analysis of femtosecond laser-induced microfluidic channels on single crystalline diamonds, Applied Physics Letters, 231913 (2013)1-4.
  • S. Su, J. Li, V. Kundrát, A.M. Abbot, H. Ye, Hydrogen-terminated detonation nanodiamond: impedance spectroscopy and thermal stability studies, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 023707, 1-8.
  • J. Li, S. Su, L. Zhou, V. Kundrát, A.M. Abbot, F. Mushtaq, D. Ouyang, D. James, D. Roberts, H. Ye, Carbon nanowalls grown by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition during the carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fibers, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 024313,1-6.
  • Z. Gao, H. Yan, H. Ning, R. Wilson, X. Wei, B. Shi, H. Ye, M.J. Reece, Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of Ce substituted La2Ti2O7 Ceramics, Journal of the European Ceramics Society 33 (2013) 1001-1008. 
  • Z. Gao, H. Ning, C. Chen, R. Wilson, B. Gui, H. Ye, H. Yan, M.J. Reece, The effect of Barium Substitution on the Ferroelectric properties of Sr2Nb2O7 Ceramics, Journal of the American Ceramics Society 12121 (2012) 1-8.
  • J. L. Li, H Ye, Carbon nanotubes produced by tunneling of cobalt nanoparticles in carbon fibers, Applied Physics A 110 (2013) 255-257.

Current Research Group Members

  • Meiyong Liao, Marie Curie International Fellow
  • Alice Li, PhD Student 
  • Vojtech Kundrat, PhD student
  • Jamie Coathup, PhD student
  • Zhe Liu, Visiting Scholar
  • Bo Yan, Visiting Scholar
  • Conghui Liu, Visiting Research Student


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research