Dr Dmitry Churkin

Research Fellow - Photonic Research Group (PRG)

Phone number

+44 (0) 121 204 3518


Room number

Qualifications & Education

  • Ph.D. Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS (with honors) 2006
  • MSc. Novosibirsk State University, Russia,  (with distinction) 2003
  • BSc.  Novosibirsk State University, Russia, (with distinction) 2001


  • 2011 – date, Contract research fellow, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University
  • 2003 - 2011, Senior research fellow, Research fellow, Junior research fellow, Institute of Automation and Electrometry SB RAS
Research interests
  • Fiber lasers
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Coherent structures

PhD Supervision

We are looking for highly motivated PhD students to work on high impact results in following topics:

  • Fibre lasers
  • Nonlinear optics

Selected publications

  • D.V. Churkin, O.A. Gorbunov, S.V. Smirnov,  Extreme value statistics in Raman fiber lasers, Optics Letters, 36(18), 3617-3619 (2011).
  • A.E. El-Taher, P. Harper, S.A. Babin, D.V. Churkin, E.V. Podivilov, J.D. Ania-Castañón, S.K. Turitsyn, Effect of Rayleigh-scattering distributed feedback on multiwavelength Raman fiber laser generation, Optics Letters, 36(2), 130-132 (2011).
  • D.V. Churkin, S.V. Smirnov, E.V. Podivilov, Statistical properties of partially coherent CW fiber lasers, Optics Letters, 35(19), 3288-3290 (2010).
  • S.K. Turitsyn, S.A. Babin, A.E. El-Taher, P. Harper, D.V. Churkin, S.I. Kablukov, J.D. Ania-Castañón, V. Karalekas, and E.V. Podivilov, “Random Distributed Feedback Fibre Laser” Nature Photonics, 4, 231-235 (2010).
  • S. K. Turitsyn, J. D. Ania-Castañón, S. A. Babin, V. Karalekas, P. Harper, D.V. Churkin, S. I. Kablukov, A. E. El-Taher, E. V. Podivilov, andV. K. Mezentsev  “270-kmUltra-LongRamanFibreLaser”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 133901 (2009) [4 pages].
  • S. A. Babin, D. V. Churkin, A. E. Ismagulov, S. I. Kablukov and E. V. Podivilov, “FWM-induced turbulent spectral broadening in a long Raman fiber laser”, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 24(8), 1729-1738 (2007).
  • S. A. Babin, D. V. Churkin, A. E. Ismagulov, S. I. Kablukov and E. V. Podivilov, “Spectral broadening in Raman fiber lasers”, Opt. Lett., 31(20), 3007-3009, (2006).
  • S. A. Babin, D. V. Churkin, E. V. Podivilov. Intensity interactions in cascades of a two-stage Raman fiber laser, Opt. Comm., 226(1-6), 329-335, 2003.

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