Dr Dani Strickland

Dr Dani Strickland

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I joined Aston University in Jan 2010 into Engineering and Applied Science. I currently work in the Power Systems and Power Electronic Group.

Prior to joining Aston University, I had obtained over 10 years experience in industry working at both Rolls Royce and Eon as an Engineer. I also have 3 years academic experience having held a Daphne Jackson Fellowship at Sheffield University and an RA position at Cambridge University.

Qualifications & Education
  • BEng with First Class Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Heriot Watt University 1991
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge, 1995
  • 2004 - 2010: Rolls Royce Fuel Cell Systems Ltd
  • 2002 - 2004: The University of Sheffield (Research Fellow)
  • 1997 - 2001: Power Technology Centre, Powergen (now Eon)
Teaching activity
I primarily lecture on the Foundation degree program at Aston on the EPE and PSM courses

I am module leader for a new BEng/MEng undergraduate course on Power System which started in 2014

Research interests
I’m primarily interested in the role of power electronics as it relates to the electricity grid. In particular, I’m interested in how the smart grid develops and the technical challenges underlying the security of supply around this. My interests also include the energy storage issues relating to battery systems on the grid including those in electric vehicles and their potential to provide frequency response and voltage support.

Key areas of interest within the research group are in the stability and protection of power systems, energy utilisation and efficiency, power electronic converters and devices, and the modelling and simulation of power electronic systems.

Recent research funding

Since joining Aston University I have been awarded/involved with the following grants:

  • EPSRC Capital Grant (with Sheffield and Southampton Universities)
  • FALCON with WPD
  • DECC (with ABB, Portastor, Sheffield, ECA, WPD, Renault, TMETC, G&P batteries)
  • TSB feasibility study (with ECA, WPD, G&P batteries, Sheffield, Renault)
  • KTP with TMETC
  • KTP with Central Networks
  • EPSRC 1st Grant

 Prior to joining Aston University I was a collaborator on several big grants including the following where I mostly managed the technical aspects from an electrical power and controls aspect:

  • DOE funding in collaboration US Utility (DTE) for the development of advanced Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems using low cost power electronics to connect fuel cell power stations at distribution level networks (DE-FC02-06CH11347). 
  • EU Framework 6 grant: European Integrated project LARGESOFC: “Towards a Large SOFC Power Plant” which lasted for three years, from January 1, 2007. Total budget of the project was EUR 11 million. (My role was looking into the control system development and including some prognostic and diagnostic work). 

PhD Supervision
I'm currently supervising two PhD students

Membership of Professional Bodies

Selected publications 

Publications since joining Aston include:

 1. Jin Yang, Xuefeng Bai, Dani Strickland, Lee Jenkins, Andrew M. Cross, “Dynamic Network Rating for Low Carbon Distribution Network Operation – a UK Application”, Accepted for publication IEEE Trans Smart Grid, 2015
2. N Mukherjee, D Strickland “Control of Second Life Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System based on Modular Boost-Multilevel Buck Converter”, IEEE Transactions on  Industrial Electronics, 2014
3. Mukherjee, N. ; Strickland, D. ; Varnosfaderani, M.A. “Adaptive control of hybrid battery energy storage systems under capacity fade”, Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'14-ECCE Europe), 2014 16th European Conference on  Publication Year: 2014 , Page(s): 1   - 10
4. L Morgan, D Strickland, L Chittock, “Impact of Driver Behaviour on availability of Electric Vehicle stored energy for STOR”, UPEC 2014
5. D. Strickland, L. Chittock, D Stone, M Foster, B Price “Estimation of Transportation Battery Second Life for use in Electricity Grid Systems”, IEEE Trans. Sustainable Energy, 2014
6. J. Yang, D. Strickland, “Thermal Modelling for Dynamic Transformer Rating in Low Carbon Distribution Network Operation”, PEMD 2014
7. D Strickland, X Bai , “Sizing Energy Storage on the 11kV Distribution Network”, PEMD 2014
8. N Mukherjee, D Strickland, “Second Life Battery Storage Systems: Converter Topology and Redundancy Selection”, PEMD 2014
9. M Coldwell, D Strickland, L Chittock, “The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Great Britain's Electricity Demand, and the Potential Associated Benefits for System Control”, UPEC, Sept 2013
10. J Crouch, P Crouch, D Strickland, “Connection Design without Accurate LV Feeder Load Data – An Argument for LV Monitoring.”, UPEC, 2013
11. A. Shojaei ,   D. Strickland ,   D. Scott ,   M. Tucker , G. Kirkpatrick B. Price , S. Luke , J. Richmond “Powertrain Optimisation in a Hybrid Electric Bus “IEEE VPPC Oct 2012.
12. Invited keynote speaker - Dani Strickland, Andrew Cross, Nilanjan Mukherjee “BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE ON THE SMART GRID FUTURE OR FAD?”Zaytoonah University International Engineering Conference on Design and Innovation in Infrastructure 2012,(ZEC Infrastructure 2012),  June 18-20, 2012 Amman, Jordan
13. N Mukherjee, D Strickland “Modular ESS with Second Life Batteries Operating in Grid Independent Mode “, IEEE PEDG June 2012
14. N Mukherjee, D Strickland, A Cross, W Hung (National Grid); “Reliability Estimation of second life Battery System Power Electronic topologies for Grid Frequency Response Applications”, PEMD 2012
15. B. Ruben, A. Cross, D. Strickland, M. Aten (Eon), B. Ferris (WPD); “ Meshing Radial Networks at 11kV”, IEEE PES ISGT, Dec 2011.
16. A Cross, D Strickland; “Using SPICE for Power System Simulations”, EPE 2011 

Publications prior top starting at Aston include:

1. D Strickland, D Nicholls and J Campbell, "Interfacing a fuel cell to an electricity grid'', Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium on May 13-14 2008, Invited speaker
2. D Nichols, G Agnew, D Strickland, "Application and outlook status of the Rolls Royce Fuel Cell System SOFC'', IEEE, PES July 2008, Invited paper

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