Dr Aisling Mann

Research Fellow

Phone number: 0121 204 3408
Email: mannam@aston.ac.uk 
Room number: CE318 


I am currently a research fellow with the multidisciplinary Biomaterials Research Unit (BRU). My research focuses on biomaterial/host interaction studies and biocompatibility testing of existing and new biomaterials including the assessment of soft contact lenses, wound dressings and an array of new hydrogel based polymers.  This post followed on from my PhD with BRU which was entitled ‘Immunological and biochemical techniques in the analysis of tear proteins’. 

Prior to my PhD I took a post as a Clinical Scientist in tissue typing with the National Blood Service.  In 1992 I worked in a rheumatic diseases diagnostic laboratory based in Birmingham University in conjunction with the Binding Site Ltd, as part of my MSc in Immunology.  I gained my first degree in Microbiology from the University College Galway in Ireland (now NUIG) in 1991. 

  • BSc Microbiology, University College Galway, Ireland -1991
  • MSc, Immunology Birmingham University - 1992
  • PhD, Aston University, 1998 
During my time at Aston University I have developed expertise in a wide range of aspects of immunological, biochemical and cell culture techniques in the characterisation of novel biomaterials, in addition to tear and wound fluid analysis.  My work has focused on the identification of key immunoregulatory markers in the ocular environment in response to, the insertion and wear of, a variety hydrogel contact lens materials.  I am currently interested in the determination of individual tear protein profiles by lab-a-on-chip protein sizing separation microfluidics, which can monitor the ever changing tear specifically in relation to affects of contact lens wear and ocular dysfunction on the normal tear chemistry.
  • British Contact Lens Association
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