Dr Abul Hossain

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Design 

Dr Abul Hossain
I joined Aston University in September 2007 as a Research Associate in the Sustainable Environment Research Group. Although this is my first appointment in academia, I previously worked in industry as a Mechanical Engineer for 6 years before starting my postgraduate study – where I worked on boiler, dual-fuelled and gas engine generators, cooling tower, pumps and compressors, gravity and magnetic separators, and conveyors. In industry, I was actively engaged in designing and modification of components, process design and optimisation of flow parameters, and new installation and commissioning of machineries.

Currently, I am working on the development of biofuels based co-generation (or tri-generation) systems; second generation biofuels production, charecterisation and upgrdation; internal combustion engine components/parameters modifications to adapt these biofuels; and solar PV-based brackish water desalination techniques combined with green house cooling system.  

Phone+ 44 (0) 121 204 3041
Room: MB158C

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice in Higher Education - Aston University , UK
  • PhD - Cranfield University, UK
  • MSc - Cranfield University, UK
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering with 1st Class - BUET, Bangladesh
  • 2014 – present : Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering and Design Group, Aston University, UK 
  • 2013 – 2014 : Research Fellow, European Bioenergy Research institute (EBRI), Aston University, UK
  • 2007 – 2013 : Research and Teaching Associate, Mechanical Engineering and Design Group, Aston University, UK

My main research interests are in developing small-to-medium scale renewable energy systems for multi/poly generation application. Specific areas of interest include but not limited to:                                                                          

  • Renewable biofuels for CHP (or tri-generation) application, engine waste energy recovery
  • Performance, emissions and combustion of alternative fuels in IC engines; engine modification/parameter optimisation
  • Desalination of brackish (and sea) water using solar energy 
  • Biomass energy: resource assessment, conversion, techno-economic modelling, lifecycle energy and emission analysis
  • Carbon capture and storage, energy storage techniques 
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of the Energy Institute (MEI).

  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (FHEA).
  • Member of the Renewable Energy Association.
  • Support for Bioenergy Research and Industrial Development in the West Midlands, European Regional Developemnt Fund (ERDF).
  • Bio-energy: technology and business solutions for the UK and India (Science Bridges), funded by Research Councils, UK (EP/G039992/1) and DST, Government of India.
  • Enhanced biomass production and energy conversion for use in water-scarce areas of India, funded by EPSRC (EP/E044360/1).  
  • Thermodynamics and Fluidmechanics, Engineering Science.
  • MSc research projects and BSc final year projects.  
Review articles for international journals.

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