Ms Asia Ramzan

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PhD student

Phone number: 044-7574209430

Email: ramzana@aston.ac.uk
Room number: MB306


I joined Aston Engineering School in October 2009, I am full time student in PhD Computer Science.
  • Masters of Computer Science, The Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan, 2005
  • 2006 – 2009: Lecturer in Department of Computer Science in The Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
  • Web Semantics
  • Web Services
  • Formal Methods

The current problem of the GRiST tool is that there is no machine-based way to check the consistency of XML trees data structure. The web semantic based specification can help machine readability and machine can participate in checking the consistency of the complex data structure of GRiST. The aim of the study is to specify the relationships and constraints inherent in the GRiST knowledge-base and the correspondence of any bespoke program with that knowledge-base shows clear and meaningful outputs. The GRiST tool consists of some XML trees, the data structure of trees and their complexity is discussed briefly in this report. 

A semantic based generic model for XML trees in GRiST is going to be designed through this study. This ontological model illustrates the cogitating functionality of the system with a number of realistic examples. It is experimented that OWL can help in checking the consistency of the data structure of GRiST mostly but some problems are also arose regarding the designing of the under-process generic model for GRiST's knowledge-base. So, it is decided to utilize some other semantic web languages, formal methods, patterns, logics and rules for designing the generic model of GRiST. The benefit of this study is that any system that has same data structure can take benefits of these generic specifications. This study will demonstrate the impact of Web Semantic techniques on GRiST, and support the approach for the development of any intelligent knowledge-based system grounded in and dependent on human expertise.

  • CS1020 Java Programming Foundations
  • CS1310 Java Programming Foundations
  • Web Designing, Database and knowledge base