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This year I have been involved in several outreach events, including local engineering societies, Westminster, through the kind invitation of the Industry and Parliament Trust, and through the British Science Festival. At the British Science Festival several teams from Aston presented their research, and I gave a presentation explaining the potential Broadband Capacity Crunch.


Here is a presentation from a workshop held at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference, Anaheim, USA in March 2013.

This presentation was for 15th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON 2013), Cartagena, Spain, June 23-27, 2013, and compared the information capacities of different fibre types.

At the IEEE Photonics Society Congress, I summarized the EU project MODE-GAP.

I recently participated in the Aston University Meet the Professor series, you can hear a recording of this session hereOther 2013 presentation include "Capacity limits in nonlinear fiber transmission" at the Asia Communications and Photonics Conference and "Nonlinear effects in few mode fibre" at the EXAT International Symposium on Extremely Advanced Transmission Technology. Please e-mail me if you would like copies of these presentations to be uploaded here.

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