Aston University to connect to 350km fibre optic research network

blue fibers

Aston University is  increasing its research into reliable, high speed internet networks for the future, set to link to the Janet Aurora network, a 350km dedicated fibre system, which interconnects Aston’s Photonics team with research groups at the Universities of Cambridge, Essex and Southampton, and University College, London. 

Janet UK, the UK’s education and research network, links universities, FE colleges, research councils, specialist colleges and adult and community learning providers through the internet. Its Aurora network, established in early 2008, enables collective university groups to develop their internet research, away from the constraints of a production service network.

Professor KeithBlow, from Aston University’s Photonics Research team, said:  “Providing PhD students with a live fibre optic transmission environment and an opportunity to directly interact with leading Photonics researchers will create a wealth of exciting new opportunities. We’ll be primarily using this server to investigate the future possibilities of optical fibre technologies. This will include developing components and subsystems capable of delivering faster and more reliable network connections for new generations of the internet.”