Group members

Witold Bahr 

Work themes: RFID. Warehousing.Logistics. Supply Chain Management. 

Dr Louise Knight     

Work themes: Collaboration and innovation. Supply Chain Management. Public Procurement.

Dr Aristides Matopoulos

Work themes: Logistics/supply chain management and e-business. With an emphasis on: agri-food industry retailing, sustainability and humanitarian supply chains. 

Dr Iman Mirzadeh

Work themes: Real options and financial engineering. Risk management. Transport infrastructure. Economic decision analysis and sustainability. 

Dr Yakubu Olawale

 Work themes: Project management control, performance improvement, and risk management. Strategic sourcing in engineering and construction. 

Brian Price

Work themes: Ultra low carbon vehicles. Technological decision making.

Dr Lucy Rackliff

Work themes: Health implications of transport infrastructure design. Calculation and validation of Performance Indicators for transport systems. 

Professor Edward Sweeney

Work themes: Supply chain integration and design. Enabling technologies in the supply chain. Environmentally sustainable logistics and supply chain. Supply chain learning.

 Dr Gayan Wedawatta  

Work themes: Extreme weather and construction. SMEs in construction. Resilience of SMEs. Supply chain resilience.

Dr Yuqing Zhang 

Work themes: Civil Engineering Materials, Transport Infrastructure, Engineering Mechanics, Sustainability and Nondestructive testing.

Associate members

Dr Daniel Chicksand

Work themes: Supply Chain Management, Operations Management and Relationship Management.

Dr Maria Chli 

Work themes: Multi-agent systems, Agent-based modeling and Biologically-inspired systems.  

 Dr Chris Owen 

Work themes: Supply Chain Management, Modelling and Simulation.

Visiting Researchers

Dr. Şebnem Yılmaz Balaman

Topic: Sustainable design of bioenergy supply chains.

Ms Chiara Sassi

Topic: Value creation in Contract Logistics Industry.

Doctoral Students

 Mr Majed Abduallah Al-Naeem

Topic:Understanding and improving the manufacturing changeover process in Saudi Arabian firms. (completed)

Mr Khalid Albarkoly 
Topic: Studying the Need to Implement a Strategy of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) in Libya's Cement Industry.

Mr Meshal Almofadhi 
Topic: Logistics Clusters Development and Environmental Implications. 

Mr L Chittock 

Topic: Location model design for recommendation of rapid charge station network for electric vehicles. (completed) 

Mr O Ehi-Uujamhan
Topic: Analysing the Contribution of Risk Management on a Project Success in the Electrical Power Sector in Nigeria. (completed) 

Mr Mo Hussain
Topic: Decision making and the adoption of RFID in the NHS.

Mr Barry Jones
Topic: Can SME 3PLs approach Green Supply Chain Management proactively and how can this commercially or otherwise benefit their organisations?

 Miss Dimitra Kalaitzi 
Topic: The impact of Natural Resource Scarcity on supply chain strategies and on organisational performance. 

Mr  Ki Pyung Kim
Topic: Integrated time and cost management for housing refurbishment through its life cycle. (completed) 

Mr  Li Yifan
Topic: Improving resource efficiency through the adoption of three dimensional concurrent engineering throughout the product life cycle

Mr Paul Morris 
Topic: Impact of improved supply chain visibility on the management of shortages in pharmaceuticals.

 Mr Samuel Oteng 
Topic: Enhancing Construction Performance in Ghana through improved Procurement Strategies Investigating.

Ms  Alexandra Pfeiffer
Topic: Supply Risk in Bionergy (impact of supply side risk and uncertainty on the adoption of innovative bioenergy technologies).

Mr Vaji Javed Shaikh 
Topic: Investigating and Implementing System Dynamics: A delay analysis technique in Indian Construction industry.

Miss Evanthia Thanou 

Topic: Supply Chain Readiness and Capability Assessment for upscaling

 Mr Subin Yang
Topic: Skill Requirements in Logistics and Supply Chain