Performance & Applications

PPP - Performance and Applications

Polymer Oxidation and Ageing

The aim is to develop a basic understanding of the complex problems of polymer oxidation and ageing which occur under conditions of both melt processing and service, especially under the effect of UV-light and high temperature. This enables us to design-in product stability for target applications requiring short or long term durability and efficient and reliable performance.

Stabilisation of Polymer & Related Materials for Lifetime Performance & Durability

A significant proportion of our research has been involved with stabilisation of polymers throughout all stages of single and multiple life-cycles: storage, melt processing, in-service including weathering, and re-processing for the purpose of polymer recycling and upgrading performance of recycled products.

Environmental and Sustainable Technological Developments

  • Recycling of Polymers: To study the various aspects of recycling of post-consumer plastics and upgrading the performance of recyclates for the purpose of enhanced stability and durability during second and subsequent lives of recycled products
  • Degradability of Polymers: To develop new routes for promoting polymer degradability with life-time control and the understanding of the degradation products formed.
  • Antioxidants and Additives from non-food crops:  To establish suitability of newly developed bio-based antioxidants and additives for use in a range of applications.


The research  of the Group on all aspects of polymer lifecycle including its processing and in-service performance
is applicable to a wide range of applications. Some examples of research projects investigated are given below:
  • Polymer Nanocomposites: Processing and Long-term Stability
  • Novel non-Migratory Antioxidants for  human-contact applications
  • Natural Antioxidants from non-food crops
  • Vitamin E as polymer antioxidant; oxidation chemistry and  products
  • Durability of polymers for automotive exterior and under-the-bonnet
  • Automotive paints & coatings: Lifetime performance
  • Lubricating oils:  oxidation and stabilisation
  • Food packaging & migration of additives
  • Defence applications: Stabilisation of rocket motors
  • Agricultural applications : Time-control stabilisation  and biodegradation
  • Stabilisation of polymers by synthetic & biological antioxidants
  • Degradation of polymers during melt processing & in-service
  • Reactive Processing for Modification and functionalisation of polymers
  • Recycling of mixed polymers & upgrading of recyclates Performance
  • Water soluble and biodegradable polymers