Optical Fibre Gratings by UV Laser Inscription

UV holographic inscription
UV laser holographic inscription
Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AIPT) has established its world-leading position in advanced optical fibre grating fabrication. Over last 20 years, AIPT has developed and supplied fibre gratings of variety structures and high functions to ~50 worldwide research institutes and industrial companies as key components to research projects and commercial systems.  

Laser inscription facilities:

  •   4 FreD @ 248 nm UV lasers
  •   Cu vapour laser @ 255 nm
  •   HeCd laser @ 325 nm

 Advanced fibre grating devices:

  •   Fibre Bragg and long-period gratings with filter responses from  700nm to 2µm
  •  Chirped gratings with bandwidths from 2nm to 30nm
  •   Tilted fibre gratings with small (0.7° to 20°) and large (~80°)  blazed structures
  •   45° tilted gratings as in-fibre polarisers with polarisation extinction ratios up to 50dB in standard and 35dB in PM fibres

Key projects and highlights:

  •   Up to 80 FBG sensors used to monitor strain condition of a 48m mast in a yacht (MAST project)
  •   Chirped gratings to monitor server condition with strain up to 30000µ (MAST project)
  •   Small angle tilted gratings to form miniature portable in-fibre spectrometer (EMPIRE project)
  •   45°tilted gratings as in-fibre polarisers with polarisation extinction ratio up to 35dB in PM and 50dB in   standard telecom fibres  (US Air Force and Boeing project)
  •   DNA hybridisation sensor using dual-peak long-period gratings (EPSRC)
  •   Optic fibre vector sensors to measure transverse strain with temperature compensation function (EPSRC)
  •   FBGs in passive and active 3-core mid-IR fibres (EPSRC) 

Special grating host fibres


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