The Photonics Research Group has a wide range of measurement equipment.

1. Data analysis

AIPT measurement 1
AIPT measurement 2
Major  equipment  includes:  LeCroy  SDA  100G  Serial Data  Analyzer,  Anritsu  MP1764A  12.5GHz  Error Detector, Agilent 86100A Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope,
HP  83480A  Digital  Communications  Analyzer,  Agilent 71400C Lightwave Signal Analyzer.
Bit error rate testing  Eye diagram measurements
Complete jitter analysis  Waveform measurements

2. Pulse characterization

AIPT measurement 3
AIPT measurement 4
Major equipment includes: Inrad Autocorrelator Model 5-14-LD, APE PulseCheck Autocorrelator, Avesta  AA-10DD Scanning Autocorrelator.
10-30000 fs pulse duration range
Scanning rate: 0.1-20 Hz
FROG measurement

3. Spectrum analysis

AIPT measurement 5
AIPT measurement 6
Major equipment includes: Yokogawa AQ6375 Optical Spectrum Analyser, Agilent 86142B High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Ando AQ6317B  Optical Spectrum Analyzer and several others.
600-2400 nm wavelength range
Accuracy: ±0.01nm
Level range: +20 to -90dBm

4. Dispersion measurement

AIPT measurement 7
Major equipment includes: Agilent 86037C Chromatic Dispersion Measurement Kit, Luna OVA (Optical Vector Analyzer)
For both optical fibre and components
1510-1640 nm wavelength range
 Accuracy: ±5ps/nm
Resolution: ~1pm

5. Polarization dependent  analysis

AIPT measurement 8
AIPT measurement 9
Major equipment includes: Luna OVA (Optical Vector Analyzer), Thorlabs In-Line Fiber Polarimeter- IPM5300.
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)/ Second Order
PDL Accuracy: ±0.03dB
PMD Accuracy: ±0.08ps (1st order), ± 2ps2 (2nd order)

6. Advanced Optical Spectroscopy

AIPT measurement 10

Major equipment includes: Horiba Nanolog Photoluminescence Excitation-Emission Spectrometer (300-1700 nm), Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 UV-VIS-Near IR spectrometer (170 -3300 nm), Microscopic Raman Spectrometer  (excitation 514 nm).
Covering 170nm-3300nm wavelength range
UV/Vis Resolution: 0.05 nm
NIR Resolution: 0.20 nm

7. Light sources for measurement

AIPT measurement 11
aipt measurement 15
Major equipment includes: Fianium femtopower 1060 surpercontinuum source, Koheras SuperK Compact surpercontinuum source , Agilent tunable laser 81640A,
New Focus 6428 Vidia Swept Tunable Laser and many other tunable or wideband light sources.
Covering 450nm-2400nm wavelength range
Power: 4.5W (Fiamium), 100mW (SuperK)

8. Temperature and humidity testing

AIPT measurement 12

Major equipment includes: Sanyo environmental chamber Gallenkamp, Carbolite CWF1100 Laboratory chamber furnaces, Carbolite 250°C convection laboratory ovens (PF), Genlab Laboratory oven
Temperature and humidity cycle test capability
Temperature up to 1100°C (CWF1100)

9. Surface analysis (within Surface Science Group)

AIPT measurement 13
AIPT measurement 14
Major equipment includes: X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS), Auger Electron Spectrometer (AES), Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToFSIMS), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Nano Test Platform.
Spatial resolution: 7 nm (AES), 10nm (XPS)

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