EDRF Project: Photonics for West Midlands

Sergei Turistyn, Lin Zhang

Kaiming Zhou,  Neil Gordon, Chengbo Mou, Stanislav Kolpakov, David Benton


ERDF funding

An European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project awarded to the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies aims to demonstrate new fibre-optic, laser and sensing photonic technologies and regionally promote new opportunities to business across the sectors. 

Fibre optics and laser sensing Technology: Phase II

Markets that can benefit from fibre lasers:  
  • Information & Communication
  • Entertainment 
  • Mobility & Transport    
  • Illumination & Energy
  • Pollution & Conservation
  • Food
  • Life sciences & health care
  • Water
  • Safety & Security
  • Manufacturing

Aston University Sensing technology can:

  • Monitor strain & temperature throughout composite
  • structures
  • Monitor vibrations
  • Measure high-resolution temperature or strain profiles of key parts
  • Monitor flow, level detection or proximity alarms
  • Monitor vibrations

Businesses assisted:

Malvern Optical, Geotechnical Instruments

Creating Dimensions, Eastern Direct Business

Raison Foster Associates, LED (UK) ltd, DustAir, Helping & Co

Hollowguide,Powerelectrics,Cox Turner Morse,Wintech

Curtins , Vortex,  BTI test and inspection

Arden Photonics, Cable Detection, AAC Eurovent

Applied Functional Materials,  Actatek (UK)

Fisher Leak System, BBN

LivingStone Technology Management,  Branscan

Malvern Modulators, Chamois Metrology,ICE (UK)

Sencon,BK Consultants,Malvern Optical

Grontmij, Micro Metrology 2000,Gas Data

Hawker Electronics,  Astasense

David Symond Association

  • Measure wear on test components
  • Check critical design parameters during design phase & understand how full-size structures operate
  • Monitor temperatures up to at least 600°c
  • Allow very high precision monitoring of pressure through Interferometric sensors

contact: Kaiming Zhou, email: k.zhou@aston.ac.uk


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research