Postgraduate opportunities

We have a large number of students taking both PhD and Masters level courses.

If you are interested in completing a PhD programme in this subject group please contact us by email photonics@aston.ac.uk to find out more about current opportunities.

We offer 12-month, full-time postgraduate programmes relating to telecommunications, photonics, Internetand data network technologies commencing annually in October. Our Masters Level programmes have been designed in partnership with the UK's leading telecommunications organisations, our programme has the full support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Federation of the Electronics Industry (FEI) Telecommunications and Radio Council.

Our long-established MSc in Telecommunications Technology is designed to develop or update a wide range of technical understanding, engineering 'know-how' and professional skills needed to contribute effectively to the design and development of telecommunication systems for national and international networks, and to enter telecommunications research.

MSc in Data Communication Networks which will be of interest to students interested in developing their technical careers in areas related to the design and development of data communications networks or to those wishing to enter research in this field.

MSc in Sensors & Sensing Systems which aims to provide students with a core understanding of the generic instrumentation and signal processing requirements common to all sensing applications together with a choice of more specialised modules relating to specific application areas and industries.

We also offer Distance and Part Time Masters Study options for our MSc programmes.

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How to apply



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