News letter Aug 2012

New member

Carlos Marques a PhD student from Instituto de Telecomunicações, Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal visited AIPT for three weeks at the start of September in order to learn how to fabricate polymer fibre Bragg gratings as part of a research project involving acoustooptic modulation of the grating's spectral properties. He was hosted by David Webb and Ada Abang.

Dr Haitham Hamza from University of Cairo is visiting us as  a MAPNET fellow and is here from now until Sept. 19th.

New Project

David Webb, Vladimir Mezentsev and research co-investigator Tom Allsop were at the start of September awarded by EPSRC just over 1/2 million pounds for a new project "Grating and waveguide plasmonic sensors". The project will draw together AIPT experience in grating fabrication, low loss fs laser written waveguides and optical sensors to develop a generic plasmonic sensing platform. Collaborators at Plymouth University will contribute their expertise in coating technology.


David Webb recently attended the summer school of COST TD1001 "Novel and reliable optical sensor systems for future security and safety applications (OFSESA)", held in Madrid, where he gave two lectures on fibre Bragg grating sensors to around 80 early career researchers - PhD students and recent postdocs. Immediately following the summer school was the biannual technical meeting of the COST action, for which Kate Sugden is the Secretary.
In mid September David Webb travelled to Lyon for the kick-off meeting of FP7 project SAFUEL. The project brings together a number of research centres and industrial partners, including Airbus,  in order to develop technologies leading towards a safer aircraft fuel system. Aston's primary contribution is the development of an all-optical water in fuel sensor which introduces no electrical power - an indeed no conductors - into the aircraft fuel tank.

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