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The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies runs a series of internal and external seminars. The seminars cover a range of topics, from experimental and theoretical problems of photonics to industrial applications. People from outside the University are welcome to attend the seminar series.   

Upcoming seminars and events                        

Aston Institute of Photonics Technologies co-organizes with the ICTP – Eurasian Centre for Advanced Research (ICTP-ECAR) a workshop “Disorder, Interactions, Turbulence and Wave Dynamics: Fundamentals and Applications”, to be held at the ICTP-ECAR 
In Izmir, Turkey,From 2 to 6 May 2016

Royal Society ISS Workshop 

Title: Orbital Angular Momentum in Optical Fibre Communication
Dates: 3-4 May, 2016
Chicheley Hall
Workshop Programme

AIPT Half-day Meeting
Title: Orbital Angular Momentum in Optical Fibre Communications
Time: 9am-2pm, 5 May, 2016
Venue: MB568

Prof. Moti Fridman,Bar Ilan University, Israel
Title: Spontaneous PT symmetry breaking with topological insulators
Time: 11am, 9 May 2016
Venue: NW708

Dr. Lina Persechini, Associate Editor in Nature Communication
Title: Introduction to Nature Communications: Aims and Scope
Time: 11am, 19 May 2016
Venue: G11 (Byng Kenrick Lecture Theatre)

Dr. Oleg Mitrofanov, University College London
Title: Terahertz near-field microscopy: methods and applications

Time: 11.30am, 24 May 2016
Venue: NW708

 Recent seminars and event                                            

Dr. Haider Butt, Micro Engineering and Nanotechnology, University of Birmingham,UK
Title: Holographic laser ablation for nanophotonic devices 

Prof. Tiegen Liu,Opto-electronic Information Technology,Ministry of Education,China
Title: Hybrid Optical Fibre Sensing Theory and Methods  

Prof. Stephen Sweeney, Advanced Technology Institute and Department of Physics, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
Title: Developments in III-V semiconductors for Photonic Device Applications

Leverhulme Lecture & AIPT seminar
Prof. Kestutis Staliunas, ICREA,Barcelona, Spain
Title: Photonic crystals for spatial filtering 

Dr. Pascal Del'Haye, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Title: Self-Referencing of a Microresonator Optical Frequency Comb 

Midlands Innovation Photonics Event  
14 January 2016
Conference Aston Meeting Suites, Main Building

If you would like to give a talk, or just need more information about seminars, please email Dr Amos Martinez a.martinez3@aston.ac.uk

Seminars archive

Seminars archive

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