Ada Abang




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North Wing 309


I joined Aston in September 2009 as a masters’ student in Telecommunications Technology. Before then I obtained a BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2007 from the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. I also worked as a research and development team leader for about 2 years at Content Digital Solutions Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.

I finished my masters with a distinction and got an offer to do a PhD in Electronics Engineering. My research area is in Polymer Optical Fibre Sensing.  Research life at Aston has been fun so far. I have also had the opportunity to be trained on different skills areas in line with my research field.

Qualifications & Education
  • BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria, 2007

  • MSc with Distinction in Telecommunications Technology, Aston University, 2010

  • PhD in Electronics Engineering, Aston University (Ongoing)


2007 – 2009 Team Lead, Research and Development Department, Content Digital Solutions Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.

Research interests

My PhD research is in Polymer optical fibre sensing technology which concerns the development of high strain sensors using polymer optical fibre combined with fibre Bragg grating technology. The research aims to optimise the material fabrication and fibre draw parameters for strain sensing and study the properties of grating sensors at high strains.

Membership of Professional Bodies



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Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research