Dr Chengbo Mou

Dr Chengbo Mou

Email: mouc1@shu.edu.cn


I enrolled into the Ph.D programme in June 2006 with the Photonics Research Group at Aston University, I have been investigating the design and fabrication of novel fibre grating devices and their applications in fibre laser systems and sensor devices. To date, I have been working as a  research associate for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project which develops fibre optic sensor and laser demonstrators to provide technical consultancy to the local businesses.

Qualifications & Education

  • BEng in Electronic Science and Technology, Tianjin University, China, 2004.
  • MSc University of St Andrews, UK, 2005


  • 2009 - present: Research Associate, Photonics Research Group, Aston University
  • Young Eastern Scholar-Lecturer, Shanghai University 

Research interests

My research interests include fibre grating based device fabrication and characterisation, fibre grating based sensors and lasers, carbon nanotube based mode locked fibre laser.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Student Member of OSA, SPIE, IOP. IEEE photonics society.

Reviewer of Applied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, Optics Express, Applied Optics, Sensors and Actuators, Optics Communication

Selected publications

1.      Chengbo Mou, Pouneh Saffari, Dezhi Li, Kaiming Zhou, Lin Zhang, Rupert Soar and Ian Bennion, “Smart structure sensors based on embedded fibre Bragg grating arrays in aluminium alloy matrix by ultrasonic consolidation”, Measurement Science and Technology,Vol.20, pp.034013, 2009

2.      Chengbo Mou, Kaiming Zhou, Edward Davies, Lin Zhang and Ian Bennion, “Fiber Laser Incorporating an Intracavity Micro-channel for Refractive Index and Temperature Sensing”, Photonic Technologies Letters Vol.21, pp.1559-1561, 2009

3.      Chengbo Mou, Kaiming Zhou, Lin Zhang and Ian Bennion, “Characterization of 45-tilted fiber grating and its polarization function in fiber ring laser”, Journal of the Optical Society of America B Vol.26, pp.1905-1911, 2009

4.      Chengbo Mou, Hua Wang, Brandon Bale, Kaiming Zhou, Lin Zhang and Ian Bennion,”All-fiber passively mode-locked femtosecond laser using a 45º-tilted fiber grating polarization element”, Optics Express Vol.18, pp.18906-18911, 2010

5.      Chengbo Mou, Sergey Sergeyev, Aleksey Rozhin and Sergei Turitsyn,”All-fiber polarization locked vector soliton laser using carbon nantobues” Optics Letters Vol.26, pp.3831-3833, 2011

6.       Zhijun Yan, Chengbo Mou, Kaiming Zhou, Xianfeng Chen and Lin Zhang,”UV-Inscription, Polarization-Dependant Loss Characteristics and Applications of 45° Tilted Fiber Gratings”, Journal of Lightwave Technology Vol.29, pp2715-2724, 2011