Research and Taught Degrees

Undergraduate programme

Foundation Degree

The group has developed a range of foundation degree programmes in close collaboration with major utilities, including National Grid, Scottish and Southern Energy and Eon UK.

All students are employed and sponsored by their company.  The programmes are strongly linked to industry to enable students to gain a degree whilst being employed within the Energy sector.  Already more than 100 students have graduated from one of the three programmes on offer.

See more on the FdEng Power Engineering course.

Progression Year

The BEng Professional Engineering (Power Systems) programme is a final year honours progression pathway with 120 credits weighting to provide a route from foundation degrees to a BEng/BSc.

The programme uses a novel mix of blended learning, incorporating work-based learning plus short tutorial and lab classes at Aston or other approved locations so that students can undertake learning at their own pace.  Typically the students will complete this progression programme on a part-time basis over two years.

Prospective research students

If you want to pursue a rewarding postgraduate research degree leading to a PhD qualifications that match not only your interests but prepares you with high level knowledge and skills then contact the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Aston University.

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