National Skills Academy KTP

  • Grant Holder: M Booth
  • Industrial Partner: National Skills Academy
  • Sponsor: KTP


The existing workforce in the power industry is ageing.  As these people leave the sector a lot of job-specific knowhow will be lost if no concerted effort is made now to alleviate the situation.  The Skills Academy is employer-led and this project will address the needs of the industry as a whole to tackle the looming skills loss.  It will also contribute to the longevity of the Skills Academy as part of a varied product offering for its members.

 The aim of this project is to develop and implement a strategy to identify, capture and retransmit the knowledge of workers in the UK power sector to meet appropriate skills, competencies and training needs of the future.  This will encompass building a Resource Bank for knowledge on jobs and specific skills related to competency, as well as the specification of and the construction of a Virtual Academy integrated online portal for users to access wider industry information, careers planning and other resources.

 This is a collaborative project with Dr Malcolm Booth as the Lead Academic and working with Dr Matthew Hall from Aston Business School as the Knowledge Base Supervisor.

 We have recruited Chee Seng Koh as the KTP Associate and he is based at NSAP’s offices in Shirley, West Midlands.