ESPRC 1st Grant

Inverter connected battery technology with advanced fault ride through capability on LV grid system to help offset the need for standby generation (EP/I008764/1)

  • Grant Holder: D Strickland
  • Sponsor: EPSRC


The aim of the project is to model, prototype and test a power electronic inverter system which interfaces used car batteries (or vehicles with EV batteries) to an electricity grid system which is designed to meet the following basic requirements.
  • Low cost
  • Easily reproducible
  • Single phase operation (leading to three phase operation)
  • Able to charge and discharge batteries safely
  • To provide enhanced DER functionality to support smart grid functionality
To make the system forward compatible with a smart grid environment, the following considerations should also be met.
  • Advanced condition monitoring of the batteries to ensure that they are optimally utilised to end of life.
  • Fault ride through and voltage support to help with stability issues.
  • Fast response spinning reserve support.
  • Power Quality correction such as voltage sag correction and harmonic cancellation.
  • Communication to a smart grid system
  • Fault detection and mitigation
Technical files and a discussion forum on this subject can be found by here.