Western Power Distribution KTP

A KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) between Aston University and Western Power Distribution: Cost benefit analysis of meshed networks at 11kV and LV.
  • KTP Student: Benedict Arun Ruben
  • Supervisors: Dr  D Strickland / Dr M Aten (Eon)
  • Sponsor: KTP/Western Power Distribution


To support the UK’s Government’s energy objectives of delivering 20% renewable energy by 2020 and an 80% reduction in CO2 by 2050, there will be a need for a large quantity of low-carbon Distributed Generation to be connected to the Distribution Networks. Existing distribution networks were not designed to accommodate distributed generation connections and new approaches to network design need to be explored. This project will look at maximising the connection of low carbon generation onto standard 11kV and 415V networks whilst minimising losses by looking into the feasibility of meshing existing low voltage (LV) networks using new circuit breaker hardware technology. These networks are traditionally arranged by using radial feeders with normally open links between them. The study will look at increased generation on a typical network under three different scenarios; traditional radial feeders, fixed meshed network and a meshed network with a dynamically changing topology.

The aim of the project was to evaluate the cost benefit of meshing networks at 11kV and LV:

  • Develop a model of a meshed/unmeshed network with embedded generation
  • Evaluate enhanced capacity and impact on losses
  • Evaluate fault level & protection
  • Assess costs of meshing

The results of the project are available in "Meshing Radial Networks at 11kV", B Ruben, A Cross, D Strickland, M Aten, R Ferris, to be published ISGT 2011 Europe - IEEE PES, Manchester 5th-7th Dec.