Research projects

Current Projects 

Project Title


Start date

End date
Smart Modulation Methods for Energy Efficient Operation and Health monitoring of Future Motor Drives
Dr L. Aarniovuori
Prof. W. Cao
 Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship
HV DC-DC converters
Dr A. Cross
Dr Z. Lin
Sept 2015
Sept 2018
Determination of point of connection for new load and generation
Dr J. Yang
Dr D. Strickland
Sept 2015
Sept 2018
Research on Microgrid Optimised and Reliable Operation 
Dr Z. Lin
Royal Society
Shandong University, China
 March 2017
March 2019
Power Electronic Converters for Smart Grid LV Network
Dr A. Cross
Dr. J. Yang
 InnovateUK  March 2015
March 2018
 Electricity Satnav - Electricity Smart Availability Topology of Network for Abundant electric Vehicles Dr J. Yang
  EPSRC  2017
Research, Demonstration, and Commercialisation of DC Microgrid Technologies (RDC2MT)
Dr Z. Lin
H2020-EU-MSCA-RISE/Heriot-Watt, TU Delft, DCBV, CSEM, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Hefei University of Technology
Feb 2017 Jan 2021


Recent Completed Projects 

Project Title


Start date

End date

 Western Power Case Award

 Western Power Distribution

 Feb 2011

 Feb 2014

 Dorothy Hodgkins Award

 Alsthom Grid

 Jan 2012

 Jan 2015

 Skills Academy KTP

 Skills Academy

 Sept 2011

 Sept 2013

 EPSRC Capital Grant on Energy Storage

 Sheffield, Southampton Universities and others

 July 2013

 Sept 2014

 TSB feasibility study - Interconnection of residential buildings using solid state power electronic converters

 Western Power Distribution,
Converter Technology,
Anvil Semiconductors

  Aug 2013

 Oct 2013


 WPD, Logico, Cisco, Cranfield, Alstom, University of Bath

March 2012

 Sept 2015





Novel power/ communication converters network for DC microgrid

 Royal Society

 March 2015

March 2016

 TSB feasibility study

 Western Power Distribution, Energy Cost Advisors, Renault, G&P Batteries, Sheffield University and others

 Sept 2011

Sept 2012

DECC phase 1 Energy Storage funding

WPD, G&P batteries, Renault, ECA, TML, Sheffield University, Portastor, ABB, Altairnano

March 2013

May 2013