Polymer and Advanced Materials Research Group

The Group is a leading broad-based polymer research group of national and international standing with expertise in basic and applied multidisciplinary research into polymers and biomaterials; from novel design and synthesis, to melt processing and the role of specialty additives and antioxidants, through to their performance in service for industrial, biological and medical applications. 

The research activities of the Group focus on three main areas: design and development of biomaterials, synthesis of polymers, and processing, performance and applications of polymer materials.    

The activities of the Group are delivered through three Research Units: 
  • Polymer Processing & Performance Research Unit (PPP)
    The Polymer Processing & Performance Research Unit, PPP,  deals with a broad range of cross-disciplinary topics related to polymer durability, degradability and performance including antioxidant chemistry and reactive processing and modification of polymers, blends and nanocomposites. 

  • Biomaterials Research Unit (BRU)
    The Biomaterials Research Unit, BRU, focuses on the synthesis and behaviour of biocompatible and biomimetic polymers and analogues of biological fluids such as tears, lung surfactant and synovial fluid, and on the design and fabrication of new soft tissue analogues for biomedical applications.  

  • Advanced Materials Research Unit (AMRU)
    The Advanced Materials Research Unit, AMRU, is concerned with the design and synthesis of bespoke monomers and controlled polymerisation for production of novel materials with applications in solar cell technology, drug delivery, cellular delivery, sensors and polymeric ligands for nanoparticles.
The Group has extensive facilities for polymer synthesis and characterisation, state-of-the-art polymer melt processing, testing and analytical facilities including extruders and moulding machines, accelerated environmental exposure and ageing devices, thermal, mechanical, spectroscopic and chromatographic equipment. State of the art facilities are available for biological and biochemical characterisation of biomaterials performance.
The Group has a continuous stream of funding from a broad range of sources including the EU, national and international companies, EPSRC, BBSRC, Royal Society and Government bodies, for funding of studentships and research fellowships.
Advanced Materials Research Unit (AMRU)
Advanced Materials Research Unit (AMRU)
Polymer Processing & Performance Research Unit
Polymer Processing & Performance Research Unit (PPP)
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Biomaterials Research Unit (BRU)

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