NCRG members

For direct dialing from outside the University, please call +44 (0)121 204 plus the 4 digit extension number.


D Saad (Head)
F Busse (Visiting)
D Lowe
I Nabney


Dr D Cornford
Dr S Generalis
Dr Yulan He

Senior Lecturers

Dr A Chattopadhay
Dr M Little
Dr J P Neirotti
Dr D Nerukh
Dr S Jain
Dr B Johansson
Dr Jort Van Mourik
Dr I Yurkevich


Dr H Goldingay
Dr L Rebollo-Neira
Dr M Stich
Dr Randa Herzallah
Dr R Alamino

Dr Jason Laurie

Research Fellows

Dr T Akinaga
Dr S Arora
Dr I Rice 


Doctoral Students

Miss Reham Badawy 
Miss S Bibi 
Mr D Bush 
Mr L Godwin
Ms E Harrison 
Miss X He 
Mr R M Jones 
Mr J Raykov
Mr D Sitnikovs
Mr W Gill
Miss Jutharath Voraprateep

Former Group Members