Work package 2

To implement an intermediate pyrolysis-CHP plant in the UK, reduce its manufacturing cost through redesign and supply chain management, thus proving the concept for the UK and India alike.

What is planned?

To obtain a physical and chemical analysis of feed stocks sourced from the UK and India  in order to test the raw materials on the lab scale pyrolysis plant created in both India and the UK.

Lab scaled pyrolysis plant

A lab-scale pyrolysis plant will be designed and installed at Aston. This will consist of a pyrolyser, a hot gas filtration unit, a condenser and an aerosol precipitator to separate dust and produce tar-free pyrolysis liquids and gases for the CHP unit.

Once the pyrolysis machine is operational, several tests will be conducted to optimise the performance and emissions of diesel engines running on these fuels. These will then be integrated to the engines with the pyrolysis equipment and evaluate and monitor the whole system.

The technology management component of this work package will focus on developing a commercial feasibility study for the widespread deployment of the technology in the UK and India, along with analysis of entire supply chain for cost effective construction and operation.


  • Proof-of-concept CHP system working at Aston, in which the pyrolyser will supply fuel to several engines each of about 10 kW shaft output
  • Project feasibility reports for commercial applications in the UK and India.

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