Our portfolio

The Science Bridge Project consists of 4 work packages, each one focussed on meeting the aims and objectives of the project.

Work package 1

To assess the scope for using wasteland and wastewater resources to cultivate energy crops in selected areas of the UK and India and to implement phytoremediation at 4 sites in India.

Work package 2

Science bridge project  - Work package 2
To implement an intermediate pyrolysis-CHP plant in the UK, reduce its manufacturing cost through redesign and supply chain management, thus proving the concept for the UK and India alike.

Work package 3

To improve and implement in rural India a tri-generation unit using a biomass-fired boiler and steam turbine, to transfer the unit to microenterprises in India, and to undertake preliminary technology transfer of this small-scale steam-based technology to the UK.

Work package 4

Science bridge project - Work package 4
To implement in India a hybrid solar-biomass energy plant using a steam turbine.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research