Our researchers

Zsuzsa Mayer
Zsuzsa Mayer is a chemical engineer. She is  a PhD student  at Aston University focussing her research in the characterization of the biomass for intermediate pyrolysis and lab-scale/pilot scale pyrolysis experiments of the potential feedstocks  (Work package 2).

Sudhaker Sagi

Sudhaker Sagi studied Chemical Engineering at Freidrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. He joined the Department of Technical Chemistry at the Research Centre of Karlsruhe, Germany for his PhD. He joined the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) at Aston University in July 2008. His research is focused on the pyrolysis of biomass with respect to lignin and the study of kinetics.Sudhakar will also be responsible for the online analysis of pyrolysis gases of the pyrolysis process.

Jonathan Nixon
Jonathan Nixon is a Mechanical Engineer.  He is a PhD student working on work package 4 of the science bridge project for the research and development of a hybrid solar biomass plant for implementation in rural India.

Daniel Halperin

Daniel Halperin has a BSc in Geography and an MSc in Computer Science. He is a PhD student working on work package 1 of the project, using GIS and crop modelling in order to evaluate the land resources available for growing fuel crops in India.

Abul Kalam Hossain
Abul Hossain is a Mechanical Engineer with 6 years experience of working in industry. He joined Aston University in September 2007 as a Research Associate. He is currently working on the development of small to medium scale renewable bio-fuel based tri-generation/CHP system and solar PV brackish water desalination combined with green house cooling system.

Vimal Kumar Eswarlal
Vimal Kumar Eswarlal is a doctoral researcher in Operations and Information Management Group of Aston Business School. He is a mechanical engineer and has worked as a quality management consultant in the textile industry before getting involved in Science Bridge project.  

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