Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

IITD is ranked among the top 10 technical institutions in India. Major projects in the fields of renewable energy, biomass, water treatment and recycling (with funding from DST, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Resources [MNRES] and the EU) are being undertaken by the Departments of Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Management Studies and the Centres for Rural Development and Energy Studies.

Prof P.K. Sen is a Professor of Applied Mechanics at IITD. He graduated in mechanical engineering and gained a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from IITD. He has 40 years of research and teaching IITD-Aston Case for Support 2 experience and specialises in hydrodynamics stability problems. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering (FNAE) and has been the President of the National Society of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, India. He has also been Visiting Professor of University of Warwick, UK. He applies his expertise to Rural Development, and was a PI for numerous project.

Prof P. Vasudevan (Emeritus Fellow at IITD) graduated in Chemistry and has a PhD in Polymer Chemistry. She was a Post-Doctoral  Commonwealth Fellow at University of Manchester, UK. Since 1968, she has been teaching at IITD and has 150 research publications. Since joining the Centre for Rural Development and Technology at IITD, which she headed for 7 years, she has made significant contributions to sustainable rural development – specifically biomass production, conversion and utilization for food, fodder, and fuel technology assessment. She is a Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (FNAS). She has also been Vice- President of Bio-energy Society of India and a member of the editorial board of Bioresource and of the National Panel on Solar Energy. She was the Indian Coordinator of EU sponsored project on Domestic roof water harvesting in humid tropics funded through the University of Warwick. She is the co-lead researcher in all the above projects coordinated by Prof Sen.

Prof S.N. Singh graduated in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur and has a PhD from IITD. He has 30 years of teaching and research experience. Specialising in turbomachinery and computational fluid dynamics, he has over 100 research publications, and works on engineering projects relevant to rural development.

Dr S. Hegde is a faculty member in Applied Mechanics and senior systems programme in the computer centre.

Prof M. Dastidar, having obtained a PhD in Chemistry, works at the Centre for Energy Studies, on phytoremediation and coal gasification.

Dr K.K. Pant is a faculty member in Chemical Engineering currently working on coal and biomass gasification and pyrolysis.

Prof. D.K. Banwet graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has a PhD from IITD. Currently he holds Group Chairs of Operational Management at the Department of Management Studies and is the coordinator of Applied System Research. He is an elected Fellow of the Institute of Engineers and has research interests in Project Management and Supply Chain Management.

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